Word of the Year: Mid-Year Update

Hi guys! I’m back today, and have some thoughts to share about my word of the year that I chose in January.

I thought it would be fun to update you guys about how the word I chose has applied to my life/how I have been applying it over the past 6 months. Also, side note, can you believe we are halfway through the year?! Me either!!!

The word I chose was ‘truth.’


I’ll try not to take it personally if you forgot what word I selected. 😉 To read more about why and how I chose my word, feel free to read my original post.

Anyway, spoiler alert: I still am loving this as a focus word! Currently, I’m trying to read and study God’s truth daily. The more truth I bring into my life, the less room there is for distractions and junk. The enemy likes to tell us a lot of lies to get us to forget God’s true promises. Pretty crappy, right?

But reading, remembering, and believing the truth can help combat the lies. Truth is cool and comforting and reassuring and a lot of other great things!!!

While writing this post, I think the next step for me is to and memorize verses. I want to be equipped with truth so I can have some mantras for tough situations.

I’m excited to see how my word of the year continues to evolve through different seasons for the rest of the year. If you didn’t choose a word in January, why not choose one now? It’s not too late! And it’s fun!

I hope you have a great week! Also, I get married in 12 days. EEK! I can’t wait! Bye!

2017 REAL Caitlin


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