What’s Behind the Name?

Hi! We’re halfway through the week, hooray!

Today I’m going to share a little bit about my blog’s name, Pretty Grazing. I figured that I probably have some new readers since my wordpress.com site, and I haven’t explained where I got my name from on this site yet! So, here we go!


So you may not know this, but my blog started as a non-self-hosted website. That just means I didn’t own it, and it had “wordpress.com” tagged onto the end of my url. But, my blog’s name has always been Pretty Grazing.

It’s not that I thought I had found the greatest blog name like ever, but I have grown to really like the little guy! (Yeah, I’m still talking about a blog name.) It still fits the content of my blog, and since it’s kind of ambiguous, I feel that it will continue to be a good fit.

What does it mean, then, you may ask?

PRETTY | fashion, home style, cute stationary, ANYTHING pretty that I want to share with you

GRAZING | favorite foods, recipes, fitness, ANYTHING health-related I want to share with you

Simple enough, right? Then add in lots of life updates, tips, how-to’s, and any other random tid-bits I write about. All of that equals my lifestyle blog, Pretty Grazing! I seriously love this creative outlet of mine, and hope you enjoy reading it as well.

I sincerely hope that you conquer the rest of the week with a joyful heart. We’ve got this!




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