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Treadmill Workout+ Friday Favorites-18

I hope you are having a good week so far! I have kind of a less-than-normally busy week (no in-class tests, woohoo!), but have just enough work to stay a good amount of busy. I can’t believe the semester (and my undergrad career) is almost over!

Today I fit my work-out in during my lunch break. I completed 50 floors on the stair master, stretched, and cooled down by walking for about 10 minutes.

I really need to be incorporating more strength training, I just don’t feel like that is as intuitive to me! I need to research and write down an actual plan to take with me. I’ll put that on my summer to-do list! If you have any simple (and free–major cheapskate over here!) weight-lifitng/strength training workout plans that work well for you, let me know!

This weekend I went to the local farmers market and picked up some lettuce, spinach and eggs. I’m not lying when I say the farm fresh eggs taste better. They so do! This is weird but they almost taste less “egg-y”… I’m kind of weird when it comes to eggs (I get tired of them after like 1 egg), but I didn’t get tired of this one! I made myself an egg sandwich for breakfast, and it was deeeeelicious! I just used whole wheat bread, an egg, a cheese stick broken up and a little ketchup. I forgot to take a pic of that (and it wasn’t very pretty anyway) but I did snap a pic of the eggs! So pretty!image1

Also, I got an iced coffee this weekend (one pump of classic syrup, added almond milk at home) and tried to be artsy and took a video. I’ll link that below for some comedic relief. It’s actually the dumbest attempt at one of those videos ever. You can definitely make fun of me.


What do you guys think of midi skirts? I tried on this skirt that was on clearance at Target and kinda liked it. It made me feel like Lemon Breeland in the best way. (I couldn’t justify spending $17 on it seeing as I had no real reason for it, but kinda wanna go back and see if it is cheaper now…) Sorry, Cassidy, it’s the only pic I had.


Well, that is probably enough rambling for today. I take pictures throughout the week/weekend and they usually don’t fit together into one “theme” for a cohesive post, but I like reading random blog posts so I figure why not share the randomness of my life! Maybe someone else enjoys that too.


Questions of the Day:

Do you love Target as much as I do? Are you a farm fresh egg eater? Do you follow a free & effective weight-lifting program? Comment down below!


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.41.09 AM



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