Top 4 Unconventional Places to Shop for Wedding Decor

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I don’t know if you know this about me, but my obsession with all things wedding is REAL. Since my own wedding is just around the corner (2-ish months away!), I have been gathering bits and bobs here and there to use for our big day.

Having the world’s longest engagement (I kid, I kid) has allowed me to gather items pretty slowly, and to browse in non-wedding stores before jumping to the wedding retailers.

You’ll notice a major theme when you do this, too… everything is so much more affordable! For my fellow brides-on-a-budget, you need to start shopping at these places like, yesterday.

So now, I want to share those places with you! Keep reading to find out my four favorite places to shop for wedding decor.

TJ Maxx


I love this place. The home goods portion of the store is especially my favorite, and where I have found several things for the wedding. My favorite: our guestbook. *insert heart eyes emoji* It couldn’t be more perfect for our wedding, and I know it is a small detail, but for only $10, it made me pretty happy. (The pretty gold pen is a Target-at-Goodwill find!) Anyway, make sure you frequent TJ Maxx to look for random wedding (or non-wedding) items they carry.



ESPECIALLY the dollar spot. Some of my favorite finds include two white cake stands and giant gold balloons (each for $5 or less). Never underestimate the dollar spot. Also, Target clearance is the, and I found lots of good after-Christmas items that are gonna be so cute at our wedding.

Michaels/Hobby Lobby


…Or any craft store in general. While they carry conventional wedding stuff (I scored 100 blank invites and envelopes to DIY on clearance for $6.99!!!), I have also bought some things like pretty ribbon for bouquets that are from the non-wedding section. Plus, you can almost always get 40% off an item, AKA really cheap stuff.


I won’t go into much detail, but rather direct you to a post I made a while back full of wedding items from Ikea. For super super cheap prices, you just can’t beat the basics you can find here! I’m DIYing our welcome sign soon, so I’ll be sure to share how that turns out.


I hope my little blurbs encourage you to step outside of the box when shopping for your wedding! If you have a dynamite place you shop for wedding decor, be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Happy wedding planning!

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