Tea Tuesday #1

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Hi! I’m writing to you from my parent’s kitchen table, and thought I should just chat a bit to catch up. Plus, I’m bringing you the very first edition of “Tea Tuesday with Caitlin!” I wanted to create another weekly post type where I can casually chat with you about what I’m thinking about, what’s going on in my life, or my thoughts on a topic. I don’t think I’ll make this an every-week thing, but plan to write these from time to time. Why the name? I am obsessed/addicted to tea (of the unsweetened, iced variety), aaaaand it sounded nice with “Tuesday”, which is when I often post. I think it will be a fun addition to Pretty Grazing!

It’s been a while since my last post (I took a little break but no worries, I’m back!), and I’m a whole year older!

I’m 22!


I had a birthday last Thursday the ninth, and celebrated with pizza and fro-yo and friends. (I cheated on giving-up-sweets-for-Lent, but have stayed strong otherwise!) We tried a new-to-us pizza place, Pizza House, in Springfield, and it was very tasty! If you like thin crust pizza, you’d love it. Then we ate fro-yo at a so-not-new-to-us-aka-we-go-there-all-the-time place, Orange Leaf. I didn’t take a single photo (sadly) but that just means I was in the moment instead, right? *excuse queen over here*

I did, however, take this pic of the cute decorations my roommate bestie put up for me. Cierra, you will forever be the best celebrator I know.

Less than 5 months until the wedding!

I can’t believe we are in the “4 months and blah blah blah days” until the wedding category. AHH. I’m not ready! (Well, totes ready for the marriage & honeymoon part, not at all ready for the whole wedding, party, entertaining 200+ people part, if you catch my drift.) While we have a lot of things checked off the to-do list, I still feel like there is a lot to do.

While I have been home, I’ve met with the caterer and applied for my passport. And took the derpiest passport photo of all time. (No teeth, must see ears, what?!?) I also ordered veil fabric swatches so I can order that, which I’m looking forward to. It’s normal to try it on and pretend to be a princess bride in my apartment, right? (Asking for a friend, btw.)

We’re almost ready for studio living!

14176753_Alt01.jpgI can’t remember if I put this on the blog already, but this summer (and for the first year of our marriage) Jake and I will be living in a studio apartment! That’s right, one room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. I am actually really excited about it. I think it will be a fun design challenge, and a great learning experience for Jake and I. (Jake even assembled a WHOLE Ikea dresser BY HIMSELF… adulting so hard.) We have almost all of our furniture squeezed into my bedroom in my apartment right now, including this cute loveseat from Target, so I have faith it will all fit into a slightly larger room. 😉 I’ll be sure to make a little home tour post when we are all moved in.

Now that I’ve brain-dumped on you, I’m going to go finish addressing my save-the-dates and watch a Lifetime movie. V important tasks.

Until Friday,

2017 REAL Caitlin







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