I honestly should be reading for class right now, but I’m taking a little break to chat about my life currently.

I am feeling lots of feelings right now (Day #2). Some include: terrified, nervous, scared, overwhelmed, frazzled, clueless, etc.

I’m trying to get my feelings under control, but am struggling with that due to the 104920 pages of reading I was assigned and the session plan I need to write, etc. etc…


I’m not sure there is anything that could have prepared me for this, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it! (Right? I need reassurance guys.)

If you have any tips for fighting stress and learning to enjoy/handle being super busy, HELP A GIRL OUT. I’m sure I’ll look back on this and laugh in a few weeks, but the feels I’m feeling are real right now!

If anything, maybe this post will make you a) feel better about your life/self, b) show you that you aren’t the only one feeling stressed in a new season of life, or c) laugh a little at my over-reacting.

I’m gonna go ahead and leave this post at that. I really need to get to reading if I’m going to get any of it done!

I promise I have a fun school-related DIY to share next week! And on Friday I’ll give an update on my feelings about grad school. Wish me luck!

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