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I don’t normally blog on Tuesday’s, but am struggling with a bad case of procrastination, so random blogging it is!

I have a big test tomorrow so my night will consist of studying, studying, and more studying. Boo. But I’d much rather have a test Wednesday than Friday! Positive thinking for the win.

Over the weekend, Jake and I celebrated Easter! We went to church with my family and then had brunch at a local restaurant after service. I had baked blueberry french toast, and so should have photographed the meal. It was good!
jake mefamily

The weekend went by far too quickly! I enjoyed my time at home, but am glad to be back in my normal routine again.

RXBAR Review

I picked up an RXBAR in the Chocolate Sea Salt flavor the other day at a local health food store. I tend to grab new bars every time I grocery shop just to try something new (and variety is the spice of life). I decided to have it today in between a puny breakfast (banana) to hold me over until lunch (PB&J on wheat, crusts torn off). I love snacking! Hey, my blog is called Pretty GRAZING for a reason!



I had seen the RXBAR advertised a while back, and had been wanting to give it a try. And why not give you guys a totally honest review while I’m at it, right?!

My first thought when I bit into the bar was CHEWY. I know this is a kind of common protein bar quality, and this bar’s chewiness wasn’t too much. (No teeth will be yanked out or anything like that!) The next thing I noticed was the flavor. It was really good! It had a nice chocolate flavor, and I was a huge fan of the mix between sweet and salty. It also did NOT have an intense protein flavor. I tend to be pretty picky about protein powder/bars and usually think they taste really artificial and too sweet. Overall the taste and texture of the bar was great!

The nutritional profile for the RXBAR was awesome, as well. I love that it is totally whole-food based! The ingredients are: dates, egg whites, almonds, cashews, cacao, sea salt, and natural chocolate flavor. No funky ingredients to be found! (Or, as they put it, “No B.S.”) I think the real food ingredients are  what allowed the bar to taste not fake. The nutrition facts are pictured below:

Image Source: www.rxbar.com

I love that the bar is substantial enough for me to use as a large snack or mini-meal. It packs a good amount of protein, which helps the RXBAR be a little more filling.

Overall, I would recommend this bar as a good snack food to have on hand. It kind of reminded me of Larabars, but with more protein and a chewier texture. (I’m a big long-time fan of Larabars!) The only drawback to me was the price. At my local health food store, this bar was $2.85. To me, that is a lot for one single snack. You pay for high-quality ingredients! I might order them in bulk in the future to save some money, which you can do here.

Did you have a good Easter? What’s your favorite Easter candy? (Mine is Reese’s eggs) Do you have a favorite bar?


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