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tea tuesday

Who’s ready for another edition of Tea Tuesday? (The time when I share what’s on my mind + anything else I think would be useful to hear or see!)

Today I want to share some of my favorite pins lately, because I thought that sounded like a fun time! I’m low-key (really high-key, TBH) obsessed with Pinterest, and the thousands of pretty + inspiring images that live there.

I hope you are having a happy Tuesday. I had a test today (booooo) but am so looking forward to meeting a new speech therapy client tomorrow! I love that I chose a career where I will get to help people every day. So very rewarding!

I can’t believe tomorrow is already Wednesday! This week will be over before we know it! Then, weekending will commence. (Weekending is my favorite.)

I need want to go watch an episode of The Leftovers now (still a fave!), so please enjoy some of my recent favorite pins + let me know if you love them as much as I do.


Engineer Prints.jpg

via Chris Loves Julia

I saw this and died. Then I read the post and died again. My next home decor DIY mission? To order some engineer prints! Also, I’m obsessed with the colors,the built-ins, and the ship-lap. Make sure to check out this post on!

Bathroom with Gingham Towel.jpg

via Caitlin Wilson Design

The hexagon tile + brass fixtures + GINGHAM HAND TOWEL. Ugh. I’m a sucker for some (or a lot of) gingham. This photo is from @caitlinwilsondesign on IG, who you need to be following if you aren’t already. Her feed is just so beautiful + full of so much home decor inspo.

He Lives Printable.jpg

via Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

I stumbled upon this cute little printable (I’m not sure I have ever talked about my obsession with free printables. Anyway, I’m obsessed with free printables.) It would be PERFECT for Easter, and is simple enough to fit in anyone’s home! Make sure you check out the post by for more fun printables (+more)!

Gingham Dress.jpg

via Southern Curls & Pearls

I’ve seen this dress a few times on IG and can’t seem to find the source! I LOVE IT though. Like I need it. So if you happen to know where it is from, please let me know! If you can’t already tell, I’m way way way into gingham right now. It’s just so fresh and slightly girly and classic all at the same time. (Have you ever loved a pattern so much? It’s normal, right guys?)


via Style Me Pretty + Brett Heidebrecht

This bouquet though. I love everything about it — the shape, the colors, the flowers, the ribbon, the amount and type of greenery — everything! We are DIYing the flowers at our wedding, so I’ve been pinning lots of floral ideas! I can’t wait to share those kinds of DIY projects here on the blog when the time comes!

Deli Lunch.jpg

via Damn Delicious

I thought this pic provided a cool/different lunch idea! I’m the world’s biggest snacker. (It’s even the story behind the “grazing” part of my blog’s name!) I even made my own little version for lunch today! Lunch doesn’t always have to look like a solid “meal”, in my opinion, and this option looks so yummy!


I hope you enjoyed getting a little peak inside my brain! (Seriously, all of these topics are on my mind, like, always.) What are you loving on Pinterest lately? I’d love to know!

Have a wonderful evening (it’s storming here – hellooo perfect Netflixing weather!), and a happy and productive rest of the week. I’ll see you Friday!!

2017 REAL Caitlin

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