Friday Favorites #52

2017 Friday Favorites

I’m alive!!! Hi guys! I’m coming to you for a short and sweet F.F. and don’t-worry-I’m-still-alive update post!

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, and my only excuse is, grad school. It has all kind of come to a head and I’ve basically just been surviving. Summer is in 2 WEEKS, and   I promise to be a little more present on the blog when that time comes. I miss sharing my life with you!

I hope you have had a nice past few weeks. We have had a lot of rain + flooding, but the sunshiney weekend forecast for this weekend has me smiling. I am looking forward to a relaxing Saturday + some track meet watching! (Jake’s last one EVER!)

I’m going to get into a few favorites for the past two weeks.


1 | Trader Joe’s Multigrain Hot Cereal

I love this stuff! If you love a more textured (in a good way) oatmeal, you’ve gotta try this stuff! It makes a perfect hearty + filling breakfast when you add a spoonful of PB and sliced banana.

2 | Mario Badescu Drying Lotion


I have to be the 10948402th person to rave about this stuff. But hey, if I love something, I have to tell you about it! If I’m feeling really broken out, or just have a blemish I want to chill out, I sleep with some of this on + always wake up with nicer looking skin. Just use a q-tip to dip a little out and dot dot dot onto your face. You get to look like a pink-spotted monster, too, which is an added bonus.

3 | Easiest Guacamole Ever

Earlier this week I had an avocado I needed to use up, and some leftover pico-style salsa, so I chopped up the avo + added it to the container! Mix it up, and you have the easiest, fastest guac ever! (P.S. I love Aldi’s mild fresh salsa! So good.)

4 | Double Digits


Guys. We are FINALLY in the double digits for days until the wedding. (98!!!) I feel like the next three months are going to fly by, and I couldn’t be happier. Also, Jake and I have a million weddings to attend between now and then, and I have a feeling they are all going to make us even more excited for ours! My bridal shower is next month (!!!!) which will make the wedding feel so real. Can’t wait to share pics from that with you!


Have an amazing weekend!

2017 REAL Caitlin

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Friday Favorites #51

2017 Friday Favorites

Hiiii guys! Boy am I glad it’s Friday. The end of the semester is quickly approaching so deadlines are pretty much happening every day.

I acquired some kind of illness this week, leaving me with a sore throat and a tired, achy feeling. I actually just took some benedryl, and am struggling to keep my eyes open. Oops.

I don’t have too much to say today as my brain is feeling fried, so let’s get right to the favorites!


1 | OTS Everything


I, along with every other girl on the planet right now, have fallen hard for the off-the-shoulder trend. I think they are cute + flattering + feminine, and I can’t get enough! I’m on a pretty tight budget right now, so I didn’t get to buy all-the-things, but I did love this top I tried on recently at TJ Maxx.. I picked up a white OTS top (featured in a recent Instagram post) so check that out + follow me on IG if you want to keep up with me more frequently!

2 | Gold Home Goods


I love picking up cute gold home goods in random places. You never know where you’re going to find a brass beauty, so make sure to keep your eye’s peeled! Perfect example: this gold spoon rest for $5.99 from TJ Maxx. Isn’t she cute?? Another example is the gold drawer pull set I bought to add to a plain white dresser. So cute and sleek!


3 | “No-Spend” Days

I am in major save-all-the-money mode currently, and designating a day as a “no-spend” day has been really helpful. Every little bit of saving counts, and it helps to practice overall reduced spending when I make an effort to cut out spending for a certain day. If you need help saving money, this might work for you!


Have a great weekend!!

2017 REAL Caitlin

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Easter 2017


Happy Easter!! I hope you had a wonderful day. In lieu of my usual Friday Favorites this weekend, I wanted to share a special Easter post with you guys.

I spent the morning at church with Jake, and then hosted my very first little brunch for Jake and I and another couple. I made eggs benedict + cinnamon roll bites + hash browns + fruit. (And didn’t take a single photo, oops! It was yummy, just take my word for it.) I followed this recipe for the cinnamon roll bites and they were so so good. And even more importantly, they were so so easy.

IMG_0010.JPG 2

I even bought some fresh flowers to spring-ify my home! (I bought 3 white carnations for $0.99 each 😉 ballin’/decoratin’ on a budget)


I may or may not have coordinated Jake’s and my outfits on purpose (I totally did). I forgot to have someone take our photo, so we just have nice selfie-style pics.


Enough about the details. I want to share a little bit of what’s on my heart this Easter.

You might remember that I mentioned giving up sweets for lent this year. Well, beside the one planned fro-yo on my birthday (March 9th), I did it. For being a big sweets person, that’s kind of an accomplishment!

Toward the end, though, the closer we got to Easter, I realized that my mind had shifted from why I was really doing it in the first place; to reflect on the greatest sacrifice anyone has ever made (when Jesus died on the cross for my sins), and to show my gratitude and awe in the smallest of ways: by giving up something I love for a short period of time. And to take away distractions, give more of my attention to the Lord, and refocus my life on what matters most.

I think I really lost that connection though, to be honest with you. But God’s grace is always more than enough, and I think my drifting heart and mind can be used to talk about something important here on the blog.

Instead of rambling on forever and ever in paragraphs (because trust me, I totes could!!!), I thought it would be more helpful for you guys to read a few practical tips I have to keep God in the center of your life.

I’m by NO MEANS an expert or, like at all, but I think hearing tips from a real-life,  busy girl who is just trying her best is good too. You feel me?

Here are three simple ways to live a more Christ-filled, joyful life:

1 | Start each day in prayer.

This is actually really hard for me. There are so many distractions in the morning, and honestly, I would often sometimes rather be on my phone/sleep more/insert activity of choice here. But it really does set my day on the right path, and this is something I am always working on.

2 | Practice gratitude.

It can be so easy to get bogged down in complaining about everything that doesn’t go perfectly your way. But when you step back and think about it, the things of this world are fleeting. Simply thanking God for letting me wake me up in the morning is an easy way to practice gratitude.

3 | Be honest about your struggles.

This is a freeing and important thing to do when you live a Christ-centered life. Keeping your sins/struggles/fears trapped inside brews negative feelings, obsession, guilt, shame, etc. etc. etc. (All bad things!) Find someone trustworthy (a spouse, close friend, family member) and share your heart.

Easter is such a time of renewal and rebirth, and I just love that a whole lot.

I hope you have had a happy Easter spent with friends and family. Have a great week!

2017 REAL Caitlin

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Favorite Grocery Finds

Hi friends! Is your week off to a good start? I hope so! I’m sort of floating through the week. You know what I mean? It’s basically my Friday today (Easter break – woo hoo!) and I’m so excited for a few vacation days!

Anyway, today I’m sharing some of my favorite, go-to grocery store items. I kinda sorta love grocery stores/shopping a lot, and figured I couldn’t be the only one! So if you like that kind of thing too, keep reading!
grocery finds.jpg

1 | Larabars

I probably sound like a broken record by now, but I can’t write a post about favorite grocery finds without mentioning Larabars! I always pick up a few (or like 7 when they’re on sale!) to have as quick snacks during the week. I haven’t met a flavor I don’t like yet. Some of my favorites include Peanut Butter and Jelly, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Key Lime Pie, and Blueberry Muffin. They have a super short list of ingredients and are an easy clean snack.

2 | Annie’s Mac & Cheese

Okay, not the healthiest food choice ever, but so so yummy. It’s a really easy we-don’t-have-anything-else-in-the-pantry meal during busy weeks. Plus, mac and cheese is my all time favorite food. I’ve tried a lot of the different varieties, but some of my favorites are the Shells & White Cheddar and the Shells & Real Aged Cheddar.

3 | Chobani Greek Yogurt

I love having yogurt on hand for easy snacking/breakfasting. Lately, my favorite has been the Chobani Flips. (Especially the “Pure” line.) It packs a protein punch but also satisfies a sweet tooth.

4 | Cheese Sticks

Okay, I totally eat like a five-year-old, I know. I’m snack-obsessed and love grazing on food throughout the day. Insert: cheese sticks. They’re an easy, light snack and easy to throw in your lunchbox for the day. If you have a salty-tooth, make sure you pick up a package of these on your next grocery trip!

5 | Turkey Deli Meat

Did you know deli meat is good for more than just sandwiches? I love grabbing a few slices of turkey and shoving them in my mouth packing them for a snack. I especially love shaved meat that’s super thin. Yum! (Also, if you only ever buy pre-packaged deli meat, you’re missing out! Fresh deli meat all the way.)

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Have a wonderful, restful, productive, fun rest-of-the-week.

2017 REAL Caitlin

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