My Bridal Shower

Hi friends! Happy Monday!

This Monday hit me pretty hard, and was generally a long day! Much more activity than I’ve been used to, but I will re-adjust and be just fine! Getting back into a routine has always been so tough for me. Can anyone relate?

I am FINALLY here to share about my bridal shower that my FAB sister/MOH/best friend threw for me. She’s the best. So shout out to her.

Also, thanks to my future in-laws for letting us have my shower at their new home! It was the perfect venue!

Just being honest, I really haven’t felt like writing lately. And that doesn’t make for fun posts for anyone to read, so I decided to give myself some time. But I really do want to recap my bridal shower, if only for the documentation of a wonderful memory.

So here I am! And here is my bridal shower recap!

PS, sorry for the less-than-professional photo quality. I was having too much fun to worry about how good the photos turned out. 😉


As you can immediately see, my shower was fiesta-themed! How fun is that? I love that Cassidy chose such a unique theme. My dress is from Francesca’s, and I got it on sale for less than $25!

Naturally, we had a taco bar. AND churro and margarita-flavored cupcakes that were SO GOOD OMG.

cassidy and me

This is me with Cassidy, my sister + MOH. You can see some of the cute fiesta-themed decor behind me! (Also, check out that bow-quet!)


All my bridesmaids are so pretty, right?? Oh and all my best friends. I love that I’ll have friends from all stages of my life standing up there with me on our big day.

mom and me

MY MOM. I love this lady. She’s pretty much the best mom in the world. She helped plan the best shower ever!


This is my future MIL. I’m so thankful she’s always accepted me as an extra family member. Oh, and that she had a certain son named Jake… 😉


Had to include this pic so you could see the flower crown veil! So fun, right?! I’m nacho average bride-to-be… (I HAD TO SLIP ONE IN. SRY.)


Some of my best high school friends! These ladies and I will be friends for life. Oh, and don’t you love the dainty “Future Mrs.” headband?? My future SIL gifted it to me to wear during my shower! I have the sweetest people in my life, I swear.

We played fun games, ate yummy food, and I survived opening gifts in front of 40 people.  It was a success. Thank you so much to everyone who made my shower so special and gifted us beautiful home goods! I am so grateful. And it totally made me 10x more excited to be a Mrs. in just 2 short months.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are officially at the 2-month mark today. Hooray! I can’t wait to be married!!!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

2017 REAL Caitlin


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Friday Favorites #55

2017 Friday Favorites

I think this past week was the fastest one, yet!

How are you, friends? Dying for the weekend to begin? SAME, girl, SAME. My bridal shower is tomorrow and I’m v excited. And a little nervous because all eyes on me=scary for this introvert. Anyone else out there hate opening gifts in front of people??

Anyway, I’m excited to chat about my shower next week and share any photos I take. But for tonight, I have a few weekly favorites to share with you. Let’s get started!

F  R  I  D  A  Y    F  A  V  O  R  I  T  E  S

1 | Off-The-Shoulder Everything


While I try not to get sucked into every trend that happens, I just can’t help myself with OTS stuff. This little cutie is a new favorite and it was pretty affordable at Forever 21. With trendy “fast-fashion” items, I always try to buy cheaper options. They won’t last forever, and won’t be on-trend for years and years, so the cheaper route is just smarter in my opinion.

2 | Oversized Sunnies

I bought these sunglasses (pictured on my head above) from Amazon recently, and they are a fun summer accessory I’ve been rocking lately. I linked some similar ones here (same glasses, different color), or you could splurge on the real-deal Celine ones here. (See favorite #1 for why I chose the $10 ones ;))

3 | DIY Vow Books


I made these this week (another little project checked off my list!) using a super easy DIY from Pipkin Paper Company. I’ll link it here! I think they turned out SO CUTE and I can’t wait to fill them up with mushy gushy stuff. It’ll be great. But seriously, if you want a cute (and REALLY cheap – we’re talking $1 or less depending on ribbon) way to store your vows, look no further.

4 | Rice + Salad Bowls

So I have no pretty picture to show, but I’ve been buying salad kits at the grocery store for an easy meal, and this week I mixed some salad with brown rice and it was delish. So I had to share that with you. It sounds weird, but I promise it was tasty! It was a Thai-style salad BTW, and it was really good. The addition of rice made the meal a bit more satisfying, and the warm and cold was interesting.


Okay I am gonna go finish watching the Maze Runner with the fam now. Have a great weekend!

2017 REAL Caitlin


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Top 4 Unconventional Places to Shop for Wedding Decor

4 unconventional wedding.jpg

I don’t know if you know this about me, but my obsession with all things wedding is REAL. Since my own wedding is just around the corner (2-ish months away!), I have been gathering bits and bobs here and there to use for our big day.

Having the world’s longest engagement (I kid, I kid) has allowed me to gather items pretty slowly, and to browse in non-wedding stores before jumping to the wedding retailers.

You’ll notice a major theme when you do this, too… everything is so much more affordable! For my fellow brides-on-a-budget, you need to start shopping at these places like, yesterday.

So now, I want to share those places with you! Keep reading to find out my four favorite places to shop for wedding decor.

TJ Maxx


I love this place. The home goods portion of the store is especially my favorite, and where I have found several things for the wedding. My favorite: our guestbook. *insert heart eyes emoji* It couldn’t be more perfect for our wedding, and I know it is a small detail, but for only $10, it made me pretty happy. (The pretty gold pen is a Target-at-Goodwill find!) Anyway, make sure you frequent TJ Maxx to look for random wedding (or non-wedding) items they carry.



ESPECIALLY the dollar spot. Some of my favorite finds include two white cake stands and giant gold balloons (each for $5 or less). Never underestimate the dollar spot. Also, Target clearance is the, and I found lots of good after-Christmas items that are gonna be so cute at our wedding.

Michaels/Hobby Lobby


…Or any craft store in general. While they carry conventional wedding stuff (I scored 100 blank invites and envelopes to DIY on clearance for $6.99!!!), I have also bought some things like pretty ribbon for bouquets that are from the non-wedding section. Plus, you can almost always get 40% off an item, AKA really cheap stuff.


I won’t go into much detail, but rather direct you to a post I made a while back full of wedding items from Ikea. For super super cheap prices, you just can’t beat the basics you can find here! I’m DIYing our welcome sign soon, so I’ll be sure to share how that turns out.


I hope my little blurbs encourage you to step outside of the box when shopping for your wedding! If you have a dynamite place you shop for wedding decor, be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Happy wedding planning!

2017 REAL Caitlin



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Friday Favorites #54

2017 Friday Favorites

Hi friends! Happy weekend!

I hope your summer is off to a good start. I’ve been basking in relaxation, and couldn’t be happier.

It’s about time I shared some favorites with you after my little hiatus from the blog! I’ve missed chatting with you!

Today I ran some errands, baked some yummy treats, and enjoyed a date night of Cheddar’s and Parenthood. (The recipe for a pretty great Friday, if you ask me.)

We don’t have too many plans this weekend, but Jake is off work so we will definitely take advantage of that and spend a bunch of quality time together.

I really don’t have much to catch you up on, so let’s get to the things I’ve been loving, shall we?

F  R  I  D  A  Y    F  A  V  O  R  I  T  E  S

1 | Lonestar Southern

I follow a LOT of lifestyle/fashion/style bloggers on IG, and Kate at Lonestar Southern has quickly become a favorite. She has such a sweet southern personality, and wears the cutest things. If you need some fun fashion inspo in your feed, give her a follow! (PS I totes bought this shirt and want to style it the same way she did here… so cute and fun!)

2 | DIY Wedding Invitations

So as a way to save some MAJOR cash, I designed and am printing my own wedding invites!! I snagged some blank invites on mega-clearance, and created my design using, and made some pretty, simple invitations. They aren’t perfect, but for what I paid, I love them! They are classic, and “go” with the wedding vibes. I might make a whole post about the process, but I had to include this as a fave for now! I don’t want to post a pic until they are sent out, so our guests will be surprised, but trust me, they turned out really well, and I’m pretty proud of myself!

3 | Easy Banana Oat Bars via The Lean Green Bean


YUM! I had a ton of too-ripe bananas to use up, so I did a quick search on Pinterest for “banana recipes” and this one popped right up! I am so glad I tried them. They are so good! And required few ingredients + steps, which is a must for me when it comes to recipes (simplicity over everything!). Head over to Lindsay’s blog to see the recipe, and make sure to let me know if you give it a try! I’m already looking forward to eating one tomorrow…

4 | The Office


Remind me again why I, a 22 year old human, am just now watching this show? It is the perfect lazy-day show to binge watch 298394 episodes of. I literally laugh out loud during some episodes, which takes a lot! (I can be a tough cookie to crack in the humor department.) I love Dwight and Pam and Michael and Jim…..etc. etc. etc.


Have a fab weekend friends! Talk to you soon!

2017 REAL Caitlin






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