My Word of the Year: 2017

word of the year 2017

Do you choose a word of the year? It sort of serves as a focus point and is both a productive and fun thing to choose. It can help you meditate on your goals and keep your heart where you want it to be throughout the year. I’ve been hand-lettering my word and want to make a big print to hang on my wall so I see it every day.

This year I spent a little extra time thinking about mine and praying about it, and one word became clear: truth. truth.jpg

I want to rely on God’s truth instead of the lies that I make up. I have this tendency to literally make up scenarios inside my head about negative things that people must be thinking about me, bad things that might happen, not getting something done on time, not being good enough, etc. etc. etc.

This year I want to combat these thoughts with truth. And to do this I am spending more time reading my bible, praying, and surrounding myself with supportive, loving people. I’m a work-in-progress, but aren’t we all? Instead of sitting around letting destructive lies flood my mind, I’m going to try to fill my mind with good things that are true. I’m going to be praying the verse below to let “truth” resonate in my mind.

John 8-31.jpg

Feel free to pin or instagram the graphic I made above! If you choose a word of the year I’d love to hear what it is! Let me know in the comments or shoot me a tweet. (Is that a thing to say? I’m not hip on the cool lingo ;))

Have a great week!

2017 REAL Caitlin

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