My 2018 Reading List

Hello friends! Hope you have had a nice weekend. Today I want to share some of the books I want to read this year! I will also try to update this list with mini reviews and new books I find that I want to read/have read throughout the year.

On our honeymoon I really got back into reading for fun. I had somehow forgotten how much I love getting sucked into a novel and losing days hours of my life while I’m hooked. Since I had the reading bug, and also don’t have funds to buy 290194 new books to read, I decided to get a public library card. It is FREE, and I don’t think I’ve ever re-read a fiction book, so borrowing makes a lot more sense than owning for me. (Also, I’ve never been a big electronic reader… I just like the feel of a real paper book in my hands. Anyone else like that??) I’m so glad I got a card! Although the most popular new book may not always be in, browsing through books that you didn’t know existed is actually really fun. Going to the library every 3 weeks (when they are due back) has become a very fun routine for me. (Am I the oldest-lady 22 year old you’ve ever met?)

Anyway…. even though I love picking up random books, I also love searching for books beforehand and compiling a little “wishlist” of books I would love to read. I love reading other bloggers’ book reviews and perusing Good Reads. So, I thought, why not write about books I love or want to read?

T H E  B O O K  L I S T

  1. A Simplified Life 

    Review: I LOVED this book. It can be tricky for me to get through “self-help” kind of books/nonfiction sort of stuff, but I actually flew through this one. It had really practical advice and some really good simplifying strategies I hope to carry out in all areas of my life. This is one of the few books I actually own, and I’m sure I’ll reference it in the future a ton!

    Recommend? Yes!

  2. The Twilight Wife
  3. What Alice Forgot
  4. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
  5. The Harry Potter Series (again)
  6. The Woman in the Window
  7. Red Clocks
  8. I’ll Be Gone in the Dark
  9. The Wife Between Us
  10. The Perfect Mother


Are you a big reader, too? Let me know what you’re reading right now!


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