I Got Married!!!

Hello friends! I’ve missed you!

Since we last chatted, I GOT MARRIED!!! I am now Mrs. Caitlin Burch. Weird, right?

On August 12th, Jake and I had the best wedding ever with our friends and family surrounding us, and celebrated our love. It was seriously the best!!! My vision for the style of our day turned out exactly as I’d hoped and I couldn’t be happier with how everything went. Thank you to everyone who helped make our day so special!!! We love you!!


Photo Credit: the amazingly talented Erin Stubblefield

Then, we woke up at 3:00 am the next day and left for our amazing honeymoon to St. Lucia! It was a week of fun and relaxation and quality time and we loved every minute. (Beside leaving Jake’s passport on the plane and me being patted down TWICE by TSA… only us.)

If you are getting married soon and don’t know where to honeymoon, I would totally suggest St. Lucia. AND AN ALL INCLUSIVE. So much food. So much fun.

It was also just so so beautiful. Picture overload below:1B86166E-552B-4B34-A064-5ADA7400205E2F2B16B7-4763-4C50-A27A-4587F6205F980ECDF057-296B-4033-BF46-5322C024B98A6F8123E5-FFF4-4F66-8652-E9D2ACB4A24E31E07BBB-7668-45D3-9B3A-629AB243CF91447DFF51-C5F7-4FC4-970A-663DF41944CED6B8D1EC-7A16-41E7-9AC8-EBC74DAD63AFD6D3C9C0-F7FD-4E0B-8799-D867629C7AF7E9D20917-E375-44A1-A27C-B7D7E468F33DFA2AB3F4-92C0-476D-A4A2-9DE138B69BB5IMG_1173.JPG8132F5E0-56B3-416B-8903-1D2872DE9C72

Now we are back to reality. And loving newlywed life. Being married is so fun! My favorite part so far is feeling like Jake and I are a new family unit, and the excitement that comes with thinking about the future and what our family will end up being like. So fun to dream and plan! Oh and hanging out with your best friend for the rest of your life is pretty cool too. (:

I love being Mrs. Caitlin Burch!

The school/work side of my life is going well, too. I just started classes and clinic starts this week. My research project is progressing well, and my work as a graduate assistant has gone well too. All of that keeps me pretty busy, but I feel like I will be able to spend more time physically at our house, which is big for me. I am a major homebody, so being able to work from home contributes positively to my mental well-being.

Also, I am so excited for my clients this semester! I am ready to meet them tomorrow and work with them to improve their speech and language this semester.

I think that about sums up my life update for you guys! Soon I want to share an apartment tour, because I’m loving the way it has come together! I feel like we have created a cozy first home together and it really feels like home.

Have a wonderful week!

2017 REAL Caitlin


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