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Happy Wednesday!

I am finally getting back into the swing of things at school since returning from spring break. I always find it funny how I can dread the week/returning to reality and then it happens and I’m like oh yeah, this is real life. Nothing to sweat over. (Although I do miss Netflixing all day… that’s what the weekends are for, right?)

I am a lover of routines, so it is kind of nice to get back to my routine.

Upon encouragement from some friends, I decided to write a different kind of post today. All about Target and how I maneuver the store to find the best of the best. Do you love Target? If so, you’re not going to want to miss the gold I’m sharing down below!

I think we all know by now that Target and I are the best of friends. (Well, a co-dependent, money-robbing friend who gives me pretty things I love to make sure I keep coming around.) But friends, nonetheless.

I’ve even got Jake hooked. He lovingly refers to our future home together as “Threshold AF”. Only true Target fans will understand that.

Unfortunately, I am in currently in grad school aka not working a full-time job aka in save-all-the-money mode, so I can’t just buy all the things Target has to offer. (Even if it would look perfect draped at the end of my bed *cough* beautiful Nate Berkus throw *cough*.)

So, I have found some ways to keep Target in my life without draining my bank account. Keep reading for my tips! (Along with photos of some of my favorite Target finds!)

Target Shopping Tips14176753_Alt01

Ask for gift cards.

For those people that think Target is just a swanky grocery store (HOW people think that, I will never understand), gifting a Target gift card may not be an obvious choice. So be sure to add that to your wish list the next time a holiday comes around! Spending a gift card=best money I’ve never spent.

Have patience with clearance – sometimes.

I think we all have seen an article floating around that talks about the specific ending number of a price that indicates whether or not the item will be getting cheaper. While I can’t remember the exact details, in general, if there is an item that is on clearance, but not super-reduced yet, I’ll usually wait. I say sometimes because if I find a gem that is the only one of its kind or is a really good deal, I snag it up right then and there!


Take advantage of their free gift card deals.

I recently utilized one of the deals where you buy a certain number of things to get a gift card, and I would really suggest it, in certain situations. The deal I did involved buying 3 household products to get a free $10 gift card. I ended up buying things like laundry detergent, which is something I always need anyway. Obviously don’t do this kind of thing with things you don’t need, or if stocking up isn’t in your budget that month, but sometimes they are a smart move to earn some free Target-money!

Visit often.

As long as you can practice self control (which is very difficult in Targetland, I totally understand the struggle), visiting often can help you find the best deals. First, you will be able to check up on those clearance items. Second, you will see more clearance items right when they get put out. Third, you will have loads of fun dragging your S.O. with you with friends.

brightened wreaths.jpg

Scour the dollar spot.

Errrrybody knows and loves the dollar spot, but few people I know scour it quite as deeply as I do when I’m looking for a deal. (Shoutout to my scouring pal, Cierra. You’re the real bargain-queen.) But for real, I find some of the best things in the Target dollar spot. Some of my recent finds include: cute black aviator sunglasses, cork-topped glass jars (perfect as a vase or for pretty storage!), little hexagon hooks, and hand-lettered spice jar labels. All for $3 or less! Don’t forget to look on the bottoms as some goodies tend to be tucked under there. And don’t just skip it because it’s busy/must just be junk/is kid stuff. Totes not true.

Only buy the things you love.

A $5 throw pillow isn’t a good deal if you don’t really like it that much, ya know? However, a $10 throw pillow you are obsessed with and picture using forevs? In the end, that might be the best buy. (Especially if you won’t be satisfied with the $5 pillow and buy 3 more $5 pillows you kinda like.) Also, by choosing to buy only the things you really really like, you will inevitably spend and buy less. As I am getting older, I’ve been trying to curate my belongings into the things I truly love. I also am dappling with minimalism *she says as she writes a whole post about shopping*, and buying less totes vibes with


I hope you end the week strong! Oh, and happy Spring btw!

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