Green Smoothie Challenge + Friday Favorites

Green smoothie Challenge+ Friday Favorites

I think writing these Friday Favorites posts every week has really made me realize how quickly the weeks seem to pass. The thought “how is it already Friday again?” crosses my mind every week!

Green Smoothie Challenge

Green Smoothies with Jake

Since April 1st, I have been taking part in Simple Green Smoothies‘ 30-day green smoothie challenge. I’m loving it! I have mostly been having the smoothies for breakfast each morning. They are all “green” with spinach or kale, but taste really good and fruity! (I promise!!) I linked their website up above, and would totally suggest signing up for the FREE 30 day challenge! They send all the recipes in emails and convenient shopping lists. If you try it, out let me know!


Friday Favorites

  • Wheel of Fortune: I don’t care how much of a grandma this makes me seem; I LOVE the show Wheel of Fortune. It’s one of my only “talents” and I can be pretty competitive when this show comes on. (Again, I’m totally a grandma and okay with it.)
  • Off the Shoulder Dress: I snagged this dress the other day from Forever 21 for less than $15! I thought it was versatile, a good length, and sorta fashionable with the off-the-shoulder feature. I think it’ll be cute for a date night!dress
  • Essential Oil Diffuser: I received this as a Christmas gift, and have been using it a ton lately! My favorite oil to diffuse at the moment is lavender. It smells so good and has a very relaxing vibe to it.
  • Dog Clothes: I saw this shirt at Target and it was on sale for $0.69!!! I just had to get it. C’mon, can you blame me?dog
  • Easy Turkey Burgers: I simply used a salt-free seasoning (one for chicken, actually) and lean ground turkey to put together some burgers that I ate throughout the week. It makes for a quick, protein-filled lunch that reheats well. I like to dip mine in barbecue sauce!

I hope you had a good week! I think tomorrow I will be going to Jake’s track meet, so that should be fun! I’m going to try to drag friends with me tomorrow to sit on the bleachers and cheer him on. 😉

Questions of the Day:

Do you diffuse oils? What is your go-to weekday lunch? Do you love or hate dog clothes?


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