Friday Favorites

This past week flew by! I am DONE with classes (still have finals) and I couldn’t be happier!

I’m looking forward to a fun summer with (hopefully) more interesting things to write about. For now, enjoy a kinda short & sweet F.F., and look forward to a more fun post coming early next week!

Friday Favorites

  1. Dexter: I’ve been watching this show this week. Dexter is one of Jake’s favorites, so I’ve seen a lot of episodes, but have never watched it all through. It’s pretty graphic, but it’s a really interesting show! (I’m actually currently watching it as I type–it’s addictive!)
  2. The weather: This is kind of an obvious one but I have been LOVING the nice weather. Summer is coming and it is finally starting to feel like it! Thank goodness!
  3. My list book: I have been having fun writing my lists in my “52 Lists Project” book. Some of my favorites lately have included “list what you would like your life to look like in ten years” and “list the ways you love to have fun”.
  4. PB & J’s: This is just a classic that never gets old. I’m convinced that I’ll be eating peanut butter & jelly sandwiches till I’m 100.

    pb jelly time.gif
    I couldn’t help myself with this one… Sorry

I have a final tomorrow (YES SATURDAY I KNOW) which is I think the most unfair thing in the world (kind of kidding). The rest of my night will be spent trying to force myself to study, and attempt to stay off Pinterest and Facebook. Wish me luck! I’m on the final stretch and the end is very near!

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