Friday Favorites #50

2017 Friday Favorites

Woo hoo! It’s Friday! And it’s also my 50th Friday Favorites post! Can you believe I’ve shared weekly favorites with you guys 50 TIMES?

I had a crazy busy week, and am so happy it is finally the weekend. Between tests + a new speech therapy client + a diagnostic appointment, it was jam-packed. I have a feeling my weekend will be pretty busy too, but the good kind of busy. I’m watching Jake’s track meet tomorrow, which is usually an all-day event. (I know what you’re thinking… We’re going to Target on Sunday instead, don’t worry. ;))

I completed my very first speech therapy diagnostic appointment today, where I evaluated an individual to determine whether or not they have a disorder and could be a good candidate for services! I was pretty nervous (i.e. Caitlin was pacing around the clinic for 10 minutes before her client arrived), but it went really well and was a great first experience. It’s a big responsibility, but also a cool way to serve the community and help others. Helping others is the biggest reason I am becoming an SLP, so I try to think of all of these new (+scary) things as opportunities rather than assignments.

Enough blabbing about speech therapy, let’s talk about what I was loving this week! (PS if you ever wanna talk speech therapy stuff, message me. I love to talk speechie stuff!)


1 | Cauliflower Rice

So I finally cooked this cauliflower rice that had been in my freezer for like 3 months (#fail), and ended up really liking it. In the past it has seemed a little too cauliflower-y, but cooking it in a pan with leftover seasoning in it really did the trick to take away some of that taste! That, along with all the burrito bowl add-ins, made the cauli rice almost passable for the real deal.

2 | Diagonal Stripe Cotton Throw


I ordered this after seeing it in a photo on IG + finding out it was on sale for less than $20. I’m obsessed with it because it has a cute + classic pattern, is soft + lightweight, and has GIANT TASSELS. I’m a sucker for a tassel. You can buy it here from West Elm. It also comes in black and white for $10 more! I picked the “shimmer blue” throw, which is a soft blue-gray in person.

3 | Coastal Linen Candle

I’m pretty positive that I shared this as a favorite a long time ago when I first got it, but I’ve been burning this lately and re-discovered it! It has a unique, clean scent, and is perfect for spring. Lucky for you, they still sell it at Target, so you can pick one up here!

4 | Striped Shorts


I posted a pic of these on IG earlier this week, but I picked them up from Old Navy and had to tell you about them! They fit me really well, are a nice (not too short) length, and a classic print. I hate when shorts are too short, but also don’t want them to be too long either. These will be perfect to wear Unfortunately they are not on sale currently, but I’d watch out for another sale soon, because I feel like Old Navy is always cycling sales.


Have a fun + relaxing weekend!

2017 REAL Caitlin

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