Friday Favorites #48

2017 Friday Favorites

Hi guyyyyyys! I so CAN believe it’s Friday. This week was a long one for me, but I’m so excited for a relaxing weekend ahead. I LOVE my weekend routine, and crave the activities I do each weekend. (Target, iced coffee, church, etc… all fun things.)

Do you love weekends as much as I do? Sometimes I wonder if other people obsess over weekends like me. I assume they do, but man, I just REALLY LOVE them.

I have a test on Monday, so unfortunately some of my weekend will be consumed by that, but I might park myself at a coffee shop while I study to make it a little better. Studying + coffee = slightly less painful.

Jake is currently at the movies with his brother, and I totally skipped out so I could enjoy laying in bed for a few extra hours. Granny status currently? V high. I’m not mad though. I’ll take all the ‘laxin I can get.

I have a few favorites to share with you this week, so keep reading to learn what I’ve been loving this week!


1 | Mini Meal Prep

This week I prepped brown rice, sweet potatoes, and hard boiled eggs. It was so helpful for breakfasts/snacks/lunches/dinners this week because let’s be real, when life get’s busy and hectic, the last thing I want to do is spend time cooking real foods to put together a decent meal. To give some examples of what I used the prepped food for: hard boiled eggs as breakfast to-go, rice + sweet potatoes + black beans + salsa + chili powder as a burrito bowl for lunch, rice in tacos for dinner, sweet potatoes for a snack, etc. I will definitely prep some food this week, too! I should prep more, but baby steps, right?

2 | Gold Scalloped Flats


I actually bought these shoes as potential wedding shoes, but don’t think I will wear them for that. (But who knows!) I wore them today and just think they are the cutest thing. I struggle to find stylish shoes that aren’t boots or sandals, so these fit the bill perfectly! You can find them at Target by following this link.

3 | Aldi Simply Nature Organic Peanut Butter pb.jpg

My favorite PB always contains only peanuts + salt. I just prefer a less-sweet tasting nut butter. (Plus the added sugar + oil isn’t really necessary.) I picked up this organic peanut butter from Aldi a few weeks ago and have been loving it! I like that it is organic and also affordable. I think it was $3.99. Have you guys noticed that nut butters are basically the price of gold?! I’m clearly in the wrong industry… Anyway, if you’re looking for a decently priced peanut butter with good ingredients, check out Aldi!

4 | The Leftovers


So Jake and I started watching a new series (shocker, I know) on HBO Go, and we’re HOOKED. It’s a mysterious show with a lot of secrets, so it keeps you coming back for more. The premise (without giving too much away) is that 100-something million people mysteriously disappeared from all around the world, and we are seeing the aftermath/the struggles of the people “leftover”. I would definitely recommend checking it out!


I hope you have a really amazing weekend! Whatever you do, make sure you set aside some time to do something you love. Self-care is so important!

Until next week…

2017 REAL Caitlin

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