Friday Favorites #47

2017 Friday Favorites

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I can’t believe my spring break is almost over. *Insert all the sad faces* However, instead of dwelling on the very sad fact that I have to face reality on Monday, I am going to enjoy my weekend and count down the days until summer.

Breaks are never long enough, are they?


1 | Ruby’s Market

Have I ever mentioned how much I love grocery stores and grocery shopping? Beside the whole spending money part, I love looking at all the food, walking around, browsing, and seeing what is new. A new grocery store opened this week in Springfield and Jake and I checked it out, and it was fabulous. It’s sort of like a little Whole Foods. I’ll definitely be back!

2 | Target Clearance Finds


If there’s anything I love more than grocery stores it’s Target. I found these adorable hand towels on clearance for less than $5 each, so I had to pick them up. The measuring cups and spoons were not a clearance find, but were affordable, too. I also found a really cute soap pump and pillow sham (not pictured) recently on clearance. I’m in major future-home-goods-buying-mode.

3 | Spring Break

This just has to be a favorite this week. I will really miss breaks if I don’t end up working in a school one day.


I wanted to keep it short and sweet this week. I hope you enjoy your weekend and have some fun.

2017 REAL Caitlin



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