Friday Favorites #46

2017 Friday Favorites

Hey guys! I hope you had a good week. I for one am very excited for a weekend with no major plans. I love the openness with room for fun and for relaxation. I do have some errands to run (grocery shopping, license renewal) that I think I will knock out in the morning. Don’t you just love feeling super productive in the am? I’m a morning person through and through. Good thing I’m marrying one, too. ­čśë

Do you guys participate in Lent? I typically don’t, but for some reason, kind of last minute, I decided to give up sweets/dessert this year. So until Easter I will not be eating any sweets! I’m looking forward to this challenge, and hope I feel a little lighter and healthier as a result!

Now onto the real reason for this post: to share my weekly favorite things!

Friday Favorites

1 | Easy Greek Turkey Burgers

I made some really easy turkey burgers this week based on and inspired by a recipe from a cookbook I reviewed a while back, Run Fast Eat Slow. They are so good! All I do is mix together a pound of lean ground turkey, 1 egg, and 1 package (I think 1 cup) of seasoned feta cheese (try garlic + herb). Then just form patties and cook them on a skillet until thoroughly cooked.  Seriously, so simple and so good. Plus, they reheat well. I like them in a pita pocket with smashed avocado.

2 | Kate Spade Lemon Apron


OMG I never knew you could fall in love with an apron… until now. I found the CUTEST Kate Spade apron at TJ Maxx and just had to show you. I found it on the Kate Spade website, too, but for twice the price! So if you can stalk TJ Maxx instead, that would be your best bet. I’m so excited to wear this and feel like a domestic goddess. (Because trust me, I’ll need all the help I can get in that department. LOL) Also, now I totally want the matching hand towel and oven mitt and recipe book. Too far?

3 | Making Instagram Stories

I think it is so fun to make cute Instagram stories! From making a funny boomerang, to writing in pretty font, I just thought it deserved a mention on my Friday Favorites post. I also love watching them, too, especially when it comes to my fave bloggers! (I talked about that in a post a while back.)

4 | Yogurt and Granola


I know this is a tried-and-true combo, but I have been re-loving it this week. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I go through spurts of forgetting that certain foods exist, so this is a reminder for people like me! I love using Greek yogurt because it’s protein-filled and thick and creamy, and granola adds the perfect crunchy element. If you need a new snack or breakfast idea or are in a rut, give a little homemade parfait a try!


Now I need to write a grocery list so I can go to the store first thing tomorrow after my workout! Have a great weekend!

2017 REAL Caitlin



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