Friday Favorites #44

2017 Friday Favorites

Hello friends! Happy Friday! I had a wonderful day full of nature, Orange Leaf, and shopping. I snagged some really good deals today which is kinda like getting endorphins, right? (Workout pants for $2.10!!!)

Anyway, I am already getting sleepy (honesty hour…it’s 8:08 p.m. as I write this…), so I better get to the favorites.


1 | Valentine’s Day


We stuck to our Valentine’s Day tradition of going to a local Italian restaurant, Bambino’s, and it didn’t disappoint. I’m convinced that pasta with cheese is one of my love languages.

2 | Heart Shaped Biscuit


Okay this is a silly favorite, but it made me smile so I had to share. Chick-Fil-A had heart-shaped biscuits for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, and when I opened up my bacon egg and cheese biscuit and realized the fun shape I was so excited! (I even made Jake take a pic of me with it. I know, I’m weird.) Plus, in case you didn’t know, Chick-Fil-A has THE BEST breakfast sandwiches. So good.

3 | 70 Degree weather in February


How can this not be a favorite? I went to 2 different parks today and loved every minute of it! I enjoyed a run this morning at one of my favorite parks and then a beautiful hike with some friends this afternoon. I hope you can tell by the photo how nice it was outside! (Oh, plus, Friend Friday is also a favorite. We spend time together every Friday and it’s always so fun!)

Also, when we were taking this picture I sat my iced coffee on the ledge, and one large gust of wind killed it. This moment was captured on film and I just can’t not share it with you.


4 | Escape Room


Have you ever done an escape room?? It was my first experience and it was so fun! Sadly, we did not escape, but it was so hard! I consider myself pretty sleuthy, and it was so difficult. I would totes do another though and would suggest trying it at least once. We went to 417 Escape Artist, and I would recommend!


My favorites were very experience-based this week, but that makes me pretty happy. Even though I had a crazy stressful week, I have some fun things to look back on that make me smile.

I am looking forward to a long weekend (NO SCHOOL MONDAY!), and hope you have a great weekend.

2017 REAL Caitlin


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