Friday Favorites #42

2017 Friday Favorites

Hey guyyyyyys. Phew. We made it to Friday. I’m currently kind of running in survival mode (yes I know that is dramatic).

I am having a difficult time adjusting to my new normal. This new normal looks like 10-12 hour days at school Monday-Thursday, and then playing catch-up on Fridays. My new normal is never being completely prepared for anything and feeling at least one (if not 15) steps behind at all times. Getting through a class/session/documentation-writing-marathon is an accomplishment to me these days, and then the next class/session/documentation-writing-marathon begins. Oh and throw in having a job, too, and the busy meter shoots through the roof!

But before you start feeling like you’ve stepped into Negative Nellie’s house, hear me out! I’m really really trying to be positive and happy during this time in my life. And I am positive and happy for the most part! I laugh so much at school. I hang out with awesome people (including one of my best friends) every day, and always have someone to talk to. I get to help people (including a cute kiddo!) communicate with their families. But there are also moments when I want to rant about my crazy-long day and feel sorry for myself, to be quite honest.

At the end of the day I know how blessed I am and that this hectic season of life is going to lead to some pretty awesome fruit. It’s just hard to believe that truth sometimes. And since you all are my friends, you get the pleasure of hearing a little bit of the rant sometimes. 😉 Writing is therapeutic to me, and sometimes a good brain dump (and prayer, obvs) is the best medicine for a stressed-out lady like myself.

Okay, I think you probably came here for the favorites, right? Keep reading below to learn what I loved this week!

Friday Favorites

1 | Kodiak Cakes Minute Muffin


Talk about convenient! (And totally yummy.) Just add milk or water, microwave, and you have a really tasty breakfast on the go! I brought this to school this week and munched on it as I worked. I definitely want to pick up a few more when I go to the store next as emergency I-have-to-leave-right-now-but-need-breakfast options.

2 | Seeing our Bridesmaid Dresses

OMG. So I chose my bridesmaids’ dresses online, which looking back seems very risky, but my roomate’s/cousin’s came in today and wow. It was everything I was hoping! I love love love the fabric, color, shape, fit, everything. And I loved the price too (less than $100!). I feel hesitant to share the exact dress just to keep it a surprise but I might end up sharing at some point before the wedding. Or not, who knows! Seeing the dress in person is a definite favorite this week.

3 | Hourly Notepad


I was prompted to buy this after I forgot to go to a meeting last week (I know, I just about died from embarrassment/felt so dumb). I jot down my schedule in the morning each day and cross it off once it has been accomplished. It’s kind of a life saver. And since I have to wear scrubs every day, I keep it in my shirt pocket where it is easy to grab and refer back to. Oh, I got this at Michaels for $2 in case you were curious!

4 | Rediscovering Fro-Yo

You know how I mentioned forgetting foods you love last week? Well some friends and I went to Orange Leaf last week and I forgot how awesome frozen yogurt is. So in case you forgot too, well… fro-yo is so good. Go eat some cookies n’ cream for me.


Now that I’ve talked your ear off, I am going to bed to sleep for as many hours as possible. Friday night, asleep by 11? Sounds perfect to me.

2017 REAL Caitlin


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