Friday Favorites #40

2017 Friday Favorites

Hi! I hope you had a good week! My first week back to school went really well. As much as I love laying around all day, a little structure can be nice.

I plan on getting ahead on some school stuff this weekend, but relaxing plenty, too. Do you have fun weekend plans? I like to keep my weekends pretty low-key and open because I need time to recharge for the week ahead.

I do hope to go see the movie Split tomorrow. Some friends of ours saw it and said it was really good! I love thrillers/anything scary.

Without further ado, I am going to share some things I’ve been loving this week!

Friday Favorites

1 | Personalized Note Cards


Jake gifted me these pretty cards with my name on them forever ago, and I recently rediscovered them! I have already started using them again and am excited to find reasons to use them from now until my name changes in August.

2 | Dried Eucalyptus

I thought I should provide a little update about my eucalyptus! I ended up dumping the water out and letting my two bunches of eucalyptus dry and they are looking great! I am so excited that it dried looking pretty and I can hang onto it for a while longer. I just love having a little bit of greenery in my space, and I just love eucalyptus. (It’s kind of absurd how much I love a plant.)

3 | Prepping Chicken


I recently prepped a pound of chicken to use throughout the week and I think it is one of the easiest and most useful meal prep idea! I just threw it in the crockpot with some water and seasoning and cooked it on low all day. Then I shredded it up and kept it in the fridge to use in random meals to add a protein component. This is one small meal prep strategy that I can actually stick with! (I can’t commit to making all of my meals at the beginning of the week, for some reason. Too much work for my precious weekends!)

4 | Budgeting

I will definitely make a whole post about this at some point (maybe when I have at least a few months under my belt), but I have been using a new system to budget and save more money and so far it is really working for me. It is a combination of a few different tools, including an excel sheet and my planner notes section. I have never really kept a strict budget but feeling more accountable for my spending actually feels good. So if you don’t budget in some way, I would really encourage you to do so!


I hope you have a restful, fun, and rejuvenating weekend. I’ll talk to you next week!

2017 REAL Caitlin


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