Friday Favorites #36


Hey guys! I’m (unfortunately) battling a cold and recovering from a minor eye surgery, but I’m hanging in there and want to share some favorites with you this week!

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Christmas eve! It snuck up on me. Jake and I finally finished up our Christmas shopping today, along with 21018475 other people at the mall. Procrastination for the win? Probably not, but it is what it is. And sometimes a little urgency is necessary to pick the best gifts. (That may or not be a lame excuse, you be the judge.)

Keep reading to find out what I’m loving this week!

Friday Favorites

1 | Southern Weddings V9 

southern weddings.jpg

One of my favorite past times is pretending to be a southern belle. (Only inside my head, of course, and only kind of joking.) So naturally, one of my favorite wedding magazines is Southern Weddings. I picked up the latest version this week and it’s as dreamy as you can imagine. I love that even though there are some ads, they are beautiful to look at and there is a lot of bulk to the magazine. (Not just pictures — but plenty of pretties to look at for sure!) If you’re getting married (or aren’t, no judgement here), make sure to buy the latest copy of Southern Weddings!

2 | Bell Ringing


Every year my mom, sister, and I ring a bell for the United Way to raise money for the local food pantry to help those in need in the community. Even though it was SO COLD, it was still fun and a tradition I hope to keep. It’s a great time to gain some perspective of the conditions that homeless people live in. I complained about being in freezing temperature for an hour; some people have to spend all day in it (with fewer layers, most likely).

3 | Our Christmas Card


I sent out Christmas cards this year (still have a few to send, oops!) using one of our engagement photos, and I was kind of obsessed with them. I hope they brightened our friends and family members’ days when they opened them! I love receiving Christmas cards and can’t wait until Jake and I are married and can hang them up in our house.

4 | Green Goddess Cobb Salad with Chicken

I forgot to take a pic during the 3 times I ate this salad recently, but I’m clearly loving this lately! It has a lot of tasty toppings and the dressing is yummy. Next time you’re at Panera, give this salad a try!



I really really hope you have a love-filled and joyful Christmas. Eat too many cookies, watch too much fake yule log, and give & receive with a happy spirit.




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