Friday Favorites #33


HAPPY DECEMBER!!! Holy moly am I excited for this great month. In just a few short days (December 4th) Jake and I will have been engaged for a whole year! Our engage-iversary! (I’m cheesy, I know)

This past week was a beast, but I’m currently in the happy haze of the weekend. Don’t you love that happy-go-lucky feeling?

We have our first family Christmas celebration tomorrow. How fun is that?!

Before I dash off (was totally trying to make a reindeer pun, guys) to a little Christmas party, I’m sharing some of my favorites this week! Enjoy!

Friday Favorites

1 | Christmas Pillow


I picked this pillow up from Hobby Lobby last week and think it added the PERF touch to my bedroom. It’s subtle but so pretty and Christmas-y. I love the metallic font. A festive throw pillow + Target dollar spot sparkly garland = fun holiday-fied bedroom.

2 | PB + B Wraps


I may have reverted back to childhood with this fave, but I have been eating these simple peanut butter and banana wraps for lunch/breakfast this week and love them! Just spread some peanut butter on a wheat wrap, slice up a banana on top, wrap, and enjoy! I found these wraps at Hy-Vee that are super low calorie and low carb, and still really soft and tasty. If you’re looking for a quick and easy lunch, try this simple throw-back meal!

wraps3 | Holiday Cups

I’m sort of a HUGE sucker for fun holiday coffee cups. Starbucks, Dunkin’, wherever. Give me all the holiday-themed coffee cups. (Iced, please. 😉 )

4 | Burgundy Nail Polish


I can’t even remember the last time my nails have been a dark, vampy color, but I recently picked up a new shade to try and love how festive it looks. (How many times can I say festive in one post?!) I’m a big fan of cheap nail polish, so if you are too, check this one out! P.S. It’s the color Haze of Love.


I hope you have the best weekend ever!


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