Friday Favorites #30


Can you believe I’ve been writing these posts for the past 30 weeks? Doesn’t that seem like a ton?! (Probably just seems like a lot to me, but it’s over half a year!)

Did you have a good week? I’m currently writing this at my parents’ house (with my wiener dog laying beside me) and am so glad to be home for the weekend. Such as sweet ending to a pretty good week!

Jake and I are taking engagement photos this weekend and I’m so excited! I hope they turn out well and I have a good hair day. (#firstworldproblem)

I’ll now share some things I loved this week. Keep reading if you’re interested!

Friday Favorites

1 | Waffle Street moviewaffle st.jpg

This movie was a random Netflix pick this week, and Jake and I ended up LOVING it. If you’re a OTH fan, Nathan (aka James Lafferty) plays the main character, who is a finance businessman who loses his job and ends up working at a diner. It’s just such a cute movie, you really should watch it!

2 | Springfield Nature Center


For as much as I love nature walks/hikes, I’m surprised that Jake and I don’t frequent the Springfield Nature Center. We went recently, and enjoyed the 2-mile loop so much! We also lucked out and saw 3 small deer walking around (and got super close to them!). If you’re in the area, check it out. Super pretty views + cool fall weather = perfection.

3 | MAC Plushglass in Ample Pink

ample pink.jpg

I have never been a huge lip-product girl, but I recently picked up this lipgloss and have been loving how it looks. It stays shiny for a long time, and is slightly plumping. It also has a nice natural pink color to it, but isn’t too crazy.

4 | Nine Months

We are officially (tomorrow) into the single digits in months till our wedding! I’m pretty excited about it!! I’m starting to (kind of) see the light at the end of the (long, sweet, exciting) engagement tunnel!


Have a great weekend! I’ll be sure to update you guys about how our engagement photos go! (And hopefully share a sneak peek when we get one!)


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