Friday Favorites #27


The end of another week has come, and I am ready to embrace the weekend with open arms.

I’m currently cozied up on the couch having a movie night with my roomie and am only a little embarrassed to say I’m already getting sleepy (as I write this it’s 8:10 p.m.).

Jake has a big race tomorrow and I know he is going to run so well! I have complete faith in him and I know he is prepared (and so talented). Good luck, Jake!

If you’d like to know some things I’m loving this week, keep reading…

Friday Favorites

1 | Gilmore Girls

gilmore girls.gif

I may have shared my love for GG before, but I have especially enjoyed watching this week. I won’t go on and on, but it really is just such a great show. If you still haven’t seen this show, log onto Netflix right now and watch!

2 | Wearing a Dress as a Shirt


So this is kind of a weird/random favorite, but I thought I would share this with you anyway! To get more out of your wardrobe, take a simple t-shirt dress, tie a button-down shirt around your waist, and “flounce” your dress up a little to make it a bit shorter. Voila! This might be common sense to some of  you, but I had never thought to do that before so I figured some of you might not have either. (Oh, and I’m also modeling a mini pumpkin, so enjoy that as well.)

3 | Desktop Calendar Organization

Screenshot 2016-10-21 20.44.34.png

I thought I should share the way I have been keeping my life in order for the past month. I might have mentioned this before, but had to update you. This has been one of my favorite ways I’ve ever handled my calendar, I think because I don’t have to take an extra step to get to it (and I’m always on my computer). Plus, I love how I’m able to move things around so easily and see everything in the month at once. Give this system a try and let me know how it works for you!

4 | Mini Meatloafs

This “recipe” is one of my go-to, all-time favorites. I linked the post where I originally talked about these which lists the ingredients I throw together to make these. I made a batch this week and was able to eat on them for several meals!  They’re protein-packed, don’t have any funky ingredients, and are really easy to make. (P.S. I never take pics of them because they are so not photogenic…one of these days I will make my mini meatloaf pretty…)

I hope your weekend involves some outdoor time! I’m excited for my Saturday morning plans that include a jog through the *beautiful-fall-leaves-are-changing* park and some coffee.  (And then some cleaning around the house, but I’ll relish in the fall beauty as much as I can first ;))






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