Friday Favorites #24

It’s that time of the week when I tell you all the things I’m loving this week! (Say that in a talk-show-host-voice for full effect.) I seriously can’t believe how fast the weeks are flying by. It’s insane!

As I write this, my family is en-route to my house and I am so excited! I’m so excited for my whole family (plus my puppy nephew) to be together again. Family time is the best!

We’ll be heading to Fayetteville in the morning to watch Jake run in his cross country race, and then WATCHING A WEINER DOG RACE. (Anyone who knows me well knows I’m not-so-secretly a dachshund fanatic.)

I can only hope for a recreation of this to happen:


Okay, I think I’ve updated you on the important stuff. Onto the favorites!

Friday Favorites

  • Go-To Hairstyle


So lately my hairstyle of choice has been loose curls and a part thats juuuuust slightly off centered. (Is anyone else intimidated by the straight up middle part? I think its so cute but I have to work up to it!) To achieve this look, I grab ~1 to 2 inch pieces of hair and wrap them around a 1 inch curling wand, and hold for around 10 seconds. I curl all the pieces the same way, away from my face, and finish off with some texturizing spray (and usually dry shampoo because dirty hair rocks). Make sure to loosen up the curls to get a more relaxed look!

  • Camel Booties

bootie old navy.jpgbooties f21.jpgbooties-nordstrom

I feel like booties are the perfect fall transition shoe. They totally scream fall but in a cool-girl, understated way. Plus your legs won’t get hot on those in-between weather days. And, they are the perfect accessory to a cute dress (or with cuffed jeans, my fave). I got these at Old Navy (the mothership) last season, but I’ve linked some more cute ones (just click the photos).


I decided to set a calendar as my desktop background so I can use the stickies app to remind myself of big tests, appointments, etc., and stumbled across this pretty one! I had to share it with you in case you like calendar backgrounds on your computer!


Did you sense a pattern with my favorites today? Totally crushing on all things fall currently, and I’m not even trying to hide it. The weather has been PERFECT (cool, breezy, sunny, DREAMY) and it makes the long days at school a little bit better.

I ┬áhope you have a perfect fall weekend. I know I’m looking forward to some outdoor time! (October is TOMORROW, can you believe it?!)





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