Friday Favorites #19 + Grad School Update

I’m back and I’m alive. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out this post.)

It’s FRI-YAY!!! And I even wore a special shirt which is a favorite that I’ll share below. 😉 I am so happy the weekend is here (finally) and I have some time to rest and recharge for next week.

I said I would update how I’m feeling about grad school in this post, and I will say that I’m feeling better (a little). I am still nervous, but I’m dealing. I know that everyone feels this way and that it is a learning process. We aren’t expected to be perfect, and our professors know that we are a work in progress. So, while I’m still feeling anxious about everything, I have been able to kind of step back and realize that I will survive, and that I am good enough. I wouldn’t have gotten into a tough program if I weren’t capable.

One thing I am trying to work on is being more positive. Positive thoughts create more positive thoughts. I don’t want to walk around with a proverbial storm cloud above my head. I am SO privileged to be receiving an education, and I want my attitude to reflect that.

Now that I’ve done some updating, I’d like to (as usual) share some things I’ve been loving this week…

Friday Favorites

  • FRIYAY shirt


I snagged this shirt for I think around $10 at JC Penney’s a few weeks ago, and just had to wear it today. Friday’s are just the best, right?! I think graphic tees can be so cute…I love pairing them with a cute pair of jeans, sandals, and messy hair.

I have made this recipe a few times for Jake and I, and it’s so easy and good so I thought I’d share! When I make it, I use cream of potato soup instead of cream of mushroom. I also skip the onion powder and beef buillon granules, but add about 1/2 cup sautéed diced yellow onion. It has only a few ingredients and is super simple to make. It makes a bunch, so it would be good to serve a family!

Screenshot 2016-08-26 19.27.38

I got this Vera Bradley bag to use as a school & clinic bag this year, and so far I’m loving it! It is HUGE (AKA you can store your whole life in it), and it has lots of pockets which are very useful when you accumulate a lot of junk throughout the day like me. I’m not sure if this print is still in stock but there are some other cute ones.

  • The Lake at my Apartment

One of my favorite parts of my apartment is the pretty lake and the walking path around it. It is such a nice perk, and in the evening it is such a relaxing place to be! Also, there are ALWAYS dogs (there’s a dog park right by the path). I’m obsessed.


Again, I am SO GLAD it’s the weekend. I’m not sure of my plans just yet, but I think I’ll get to spend some time with Jake this weekend so that will be fun. I’m hoping for some sunshine after the gloomy weather we’ve had the last few days, too.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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