Friday Favorites #13


You know those days where time seems to be slipping through your fingers faster than you  can fathom? Today was one of those.

I moved into my new apartment today (yay!) and it was a lot of work! I’m getting close to being all settled in, and I think I’m liking the new digs a lot!

Unlike most (good/professional/fancy) bloggers, I write a lot of my posts the day-of. (I pre-write/work on some posts early, but not usually, for now!) So, sometimes I settle down for the day at 10:30 and decide to write a post. Today’s one of those!

Friday Favorites

  • I picked a dress!!!

(Obviously no pictures!) I actually chose a dress Thursday and am so happy/relieved/excited! I had it narrowed down to 2 top picks, and am so elated that I was able to say “yes to the dress”. (Actually I said “I guess” to the dress, but if you know me and my indecisive personality, this comes as no surprise) I think it might be fun to write a whole post about shopping for/picking a wedding dress, so you might see that in the near future. I’m sure I have some weird useful advice/info for you. 😉

  • Free Chick-Fil-A breakfast


Wednesdays in July, my Chick-Fil-A location is serving a different free breakfast sandwich! This past Wednesday, me, Jake and Cassidy stopped in to enjoy the free food. This week’s freebie was a chicken, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich. I asked for the chicken on the side (chicken on a breakfast sandwich just weirds me out lol) and it was so good. Definitely an “it’s the little things” moment this week.

  • Pretty Grazing Facebook Page

Screenshot 2016-07-15 23.04.49.png

I created a Facebook page for the blog this past week and I’m pretty excited about it! So, if you haven’t already, head on over and like my page to easily keep up with my posts, and maybe chat a little. 🙂 You can just search “Pretty Grazing” on Facebook, or click on the Facebook icon on the homepage of the blog.


You know how I’m always saying my weekend plans are to relax? Not this weekend! Unfortunately I have a midterm Monday so any rest time I have will be spent studying. (Whoever invented Monday tests, anyway??)

I hope you have a refreshing and fun weekend, however you spend it.

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