Friday Favorites | 06.24.16


I went dress shopping again today and have came to the conclusion that I need to stop looking at more dresses and choose from a few of my favorites. I didn’t realize how confusing and overwhelming it can get after trying on a whole lot of dresses. I think that I will be happy with either of my two favorites and I just need to decide! I know I can’t be alone in the dress-choosing struggle, right? It’s tough!

I’m so glad it’s the weekend! I only have one more week of my first set of classes, and then after that I’ll only have 1 class a day, about a totally new topic. I’m excited! I have some favorites to share with you this week, so onto that now…

Friday Favorites

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee

    I got some mail-coupons the other day for a $0.99 iced coffee (any size!!!) so I decided to give it a try. I got an iced coffee with almond milk, and it was so good! The regular prices are cheaper than Starbucks too, so if you like coffees with less frou-frou, try out Dunkin’ Donuts. (You probably already have, and are thinking I live under a rock… Still thought I’d share. ;))

  2. Striped Dress

    Missouri is in a major heat wave right now (90s+ with lot’s of humidity) so lightweight clothes are a necessity. The other day Jake and I went to the movies (we saw Popstar… if you’re into goofy/raunchy comedies it was pretty funny) and I wore this comfy striped dress. I just wore a cute bralette underneath, and was able to stay cool-ish while still looking kind of put together. Also, how do fashion bloggers take such cute outfit pictures? Posing is so awkward and ends in a bunch of “what do I do with my hands?” pics. Not so cute… IMG_6156.jpeg

  3. Quinoa Salad

    So for lunches this week I prepped some quinoa salad inspired by the one I had at Druff’s last week. It was really simple and tasty, but next time I’d add more quinoa to have a better balance of quinoa with the other ingredients.  I still really liked it but I’d like to make it again, measure the ingredients, and tweak it a little before sharing.


I know this was kind of a short F.F. post, but I’d rather keep it short than fill it with junk. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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