Friday Favorites | 06.10.16

FF june 10

I swear Fridays roll around faster than I can keep up with! I just finished my first week of summer classes and boy was it tough! I’m sure I’ll adjust to being in class a lot, and each class is only 4 weeks long, so I’m 25% done with my first classes! (I like to use math to reassure myself. Lol.) I’ve done some cleaning up at my apartment today, and am looking forward to relaxing a bit. Now, onto some things I’ve been loving lately…

Friday Favorites

  • Hydrangeas: My apartment complex planted a bunch of hydrangea bushes and I’m obsessed. They’re one of my favorite flowers and it brightens my day seeing them when I get home or leave.
  • Starbucks “Fun” Teas: I have a Starbucks gift card from graduation and have been testing out a few of their fun flavored teas (Passion and Green). They’re a fun switch-up from my regular black tea, and very summery. (FYI, I order it iced, venti, unsweetened.)
  • Madden Girl sandals: I snagged these at TJ Maxx the other day, and can already tell they’re gonna be a go-to sandal for me. They’re footbed style, so they are supportive and comfy. They were only $25, but found them online here for a little more. IMG_0077
  • Fixer Upper: Jake and I have been major binge watching this show for the past week. Our favorite episodes are the ones with smaller budgets because the homes they’re able to do on a budget are seriously so impressive and beautiful. Also, shiplap.
  • Bachelorette: Okay, so two TV shows this week, but I had to mention my love, the bachelorette. The cheesiness, the drama, the dates, the fights… I love it all! Right now my front-runner is Chase, and that’s who I put as winning in my bracket. The show is really good at twisting around contestants’ images, though, so who knows who will win. giphy

I hope you have a super fun weekend!

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