Fourth of July Weekend Recap


Can I just start by saying that I’m so glad the fourth of July fell on a weekday this week? Short class-week for the win!!

I had a pretty fun and eventful weekend. First, Jake and I headed home on Friday straight to a Cardinals game, with fancy green seat tickets. (Free food+drinks=this cheapskates dream.) The view wasn’t too bad, either. 😉 IMG_8123

We stayed the night at Jake’s brother and sister-in-law’s house and had a yummy breakfast at The Mud House in St. Louis the next morning. I tried the morning bun and it was really good. Sweet, but not too sweet, and soft and crunchy at the same time. I also had an iced americano with almond milk that was tasty too. Overall The Mud House had a really cool atmosphere, good food and coffee, and I would recommend it if you are ever in the area.IMG_8125

We spent the rest of Saturday in our hometown with family relaxing. Sunday we went to Jake’s niece’s first birthday party. (Okay I may consider myself Aunt Caitlin already…) She is just the cutest and sweetest baby. We hadn’t seen her since we visited his sister and brother-in-law in DC this past winter, and she has grown so much since then!


On Monday (the holiday), we drove back to Springfield and enjoyed some fireworks at the local fairgrounds with my sister and her fiancé. We were all impressed with the show and had a nice evening. The weather was perfect, too!


That was my weekend in photos! I had a great, refreshing, fun long holiday weekend. (You think I used enough adjectives there?)

Did you have a good holiday weekend?

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