Finding Balance in Wedding Planning

Have you ever been a part of planning a wedding? If you have, you probably know that a lot of work goes into planning the “perfect” day. With such a long engagement, I’ve felt a little stunted in the planning process for a while. (Which is so frustrating when you want to start making decisions!) We chose a 2017 date for practicality, and honestly time is already flying by. We’re coming up on 5 months engaged already! And with our busy schedules (both still in school), the long engagement route makes sense. (You totally just heard my internal logical conversation I have with myself every time I start to feel like our wedding will never be here. LOL.)

wedding planning

I think one of the main things I have struggled with throughout wedding planning so far has been finding balance. Balance between the prettiest, most unique photographer who is a little out of budget, and the really pretty, special, in-my-budget photographer. Balance between a fabulous wedding coordinator who plans weddings worthy of celebs and maybe having a friend get the job done. Balance between the priciest flowers like peonies and more budget friendly (but still beautiful) carnations.

I am admittedly quite a dreamer. It can be pretty easy to get all wrapped up in pictures of weddings that are a LOT out of my budget. And Pinterest (as much as I love you), you can sometimes give me unrealistic expectations. However, I AM a believer in making the most of what you do have. I know I am better equipped than a lot of people are to plan a wedding (and am very grateful for supportive friends, family, and fiancé), and I definitely have time on my side when it comes to DIY projects. I truly believe that I will have my dream wedding on a budget, and just have to keep balance in mind when making wedding decisions. I will NOT go into debt for my wedding, and honestly didn’t even know that was a thing people do!

At the end of the day, I will get marry Jake, and that’s the reason for the party in the first place. A wedding is just a celebration of marriage, and remembering that when I’m in the depths of Style Me Pretty helps keep my head out of the clouds a little bit. As summer approaches, I will be making a lot of wedding choices, and I vow (pun intended) to stay grounded during the process. (BTW, just a tip: start talking to your fiancé about wedding stuff and include prices – they will be sure to remind you that $5000 is too much for a day-of-coordinator 😉 )

I hope this short and sweet post adequately described my wedding planning struggles right now. (Oh, first world problems.) I know years from now Jake and I will look back on this time and wonder why the wedding even mattered compared to actually being married (!!!), but hey, cut me some slack. I’m a girly-girl to the core.

Questions of the Day:

Any fellow brides-to-be out there? Do you have any budget-saving tips to throw an amazing bash? Scroll down a bit to comment below! I’d love to chat wedding stuff. 🙂


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