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A few weeks ago I decided to jazz up a plain clipboard I bought from the–you guessed it–Target dollar spot for $3. It was a plain, thickish white painted clipboard with a silver clip. To make it a little more fun, I grabbed a black paint pen and went to work!

This would be a great gift idea for all the teachers, speech therapists, physical therapists, etc. in your life! Basically, if you use a clipboard, you need this DIY.

For mine, because I am in grad school to become a speech therapist, I decided to stick with something simple to use for clinic. I chose to write “Speech Therapy” on mine in a cursive font.

You could free-hand it completely if you are confident in your handwriting abilities, but I used the font “bromello” that you can download for free here. I just typed it out onto a word document (and adjusted the spacing until nothing was cut off) and ideally you would print it out. (If you don’t have a printer, like me, you can lightly trace it onto a piece of paper, holding it over the words on your screen.)

Screenshot 2016-08-28 16.07.56

Next, I placed the paper in a few different locations on the clipboard to decide where I wanted to paint the words. I decided to center it, but I think it would have been cute either way! (Also, sorry these pics are kind of crappy, but they’re all I have of this step and I wanted to include it!)


So once I had an idea of where I wanted the words to go, I kind of just lifted the paper, made small marks where the words needed to start and end (roughly) and then tried copying the font as closely as I could! I find it isn’t too hard to copy a font, especially if you practice a few times.

Once I had the words traced onto the clipboard, I went over it with a black paint pen. I thickened it up by going over the words a few times. Then, I used the same technique that I use for other hand-letting projects, and thickened the downstrokes more. (Check out this post if you need help with hand-lettering!)


Voila! It’s almost too simple to call a DIY, but I wanted to share in case you needed an easy, very quick, way to personalize your clipboard for work/school.

Let me know if you beautify your clipboard using my DIY, or get some inspiration from this post! I’d love to see your creations.

Feel free to pin and share this image to use later!


Have a great rest-of-the-week! See ya Friday!

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