DIY Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Chair Signs

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YAY! Guys, I finally completed my very first wedding project! I’m so excited to share this cheap, EASY, pretty wedding craft with you.

I thought it would be a good idea to kind of “tip-toe” into wedding projects with something that was not a huge big deal (so if I didn’t love it in a few months it’s not a big thing like a welcome sign…yes I have commitment issues lol). So, I tackled chair signs!

I (obvs) got the idea from Pinterest, and headed to Etsy to check out what options are out there. The prices ranged from around $20 up to over $40, which I thought was kind of ridiculous for little pieces of wood that would be hung on two chairs for one day. However, I knew I definitely wanted to have some of those cute chair signs, so I set out to make them myself!

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One of the perks of this project is that the majority of the supplies are things I will totally use in other wedding projects. So they are more “investment” pieces that will make my next projects really-super-cheap. Ya feel me?

I promise these signs were super easy, pretty quick, and very inexpensive. Keep reading to see how I made them!

The Stuff:

The How:

  1. First, have your dad drill two small holes in the top of the circles if you want to attach the ribbon this way.
  2. Spray paint the circles in thin coats until the paint is opaque. (This took me lots of coats, just FYI, but this isn’t a difficult task)
  3. Practice writing “Mr. and Mrs.” in pretty font of your choice. If you have read my hand-lettering post, you know this is something I have been practicing for months. If you aren’t confident in your handwriting, I’m sure you could create a stencil/trace printed out letters, but I promise that with a little bit of practice it isn’t too hard. You could also sketch out your words in pencil first, but I just went for it! (TIP: at least make little pencil marks where you want your letters to be located to make sure you fit all the letters without smooshing at the end!)2016-08-01 17.34.52
  4. Use the paint pen to write your words. This is the initial writing, so it should just looks like regular ole letters.
  5. Start thickening the down-strokes of letters. (AKA wherever your pen went down not up) Then thicken the up-strokes, but not as much as you thickened the down-strokes.
  6. Keep adding strokes, thickening, straightening until you are happy with the way the letters look. This part took the most concentration/time for me!
  7. Let the gold paint dry and give it another coat. You can repeat this as needed.
  8. When all the letters are dry, cut about 2 feet of ribbon (totally just guessed that number after-the-fact, but it sounds about right…just cut a length you think you will need based on how you’ll hang your signs). Roll up the end and push it through the hole in the front of the sign and tie a knot on the back side, and repeat with the other end of the ribbon in the other hole.back edited
  9. If you skipped the hole-drilling, use super or hot glue to attach the ribbon to the back of the sign.
  10. DONE! Now, stand back and admire your pretty (totally-unnecessary-but-like-come-on-you-know-you-need-them) chair signs!

edited 2 signs

Overall, I’m very happy with how these signs turned out. Are they perfect? No. Were they worth the effort? Yes! Overall they cost around $15 to make, and like I said earlier, this includes mostly materials I will use for more projects in the future. Plus it was really fun for me to do!

If you make these chair signs, let me know! I’d love to see them. I can’t wait to use mine at our wedding! (…hopefully draped with greenery/flowers :))

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