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Hi friends! One of my favorite kinds of posts to read is the “day-in-the-life” post. Especially when they have interesting jobs, or kids!

Soooo I decided to share what a day in my life looks like! (Because you totally want to know, right?)

Monday is a good day to talk about, because it is pretty typical and representative of my week. If you would like to know what I fill my day with, keep reading!

A Day in the Life of an SLP Grad Student

6:00 AM | Wake-Up Time

I start my day with too many alarms (at least 4 every day LOL I don’t trust myself in the mornings). When I do wake up and am able to keep my eyes open (does anyone else feel like a newborn puppy who can’t peel their eyes open when they wake up?),  I say a little prayer, check social media, and then hop out of bed and get dressed.

6:30 AM | Workout


I try to squeeze in a quick workout in the morning before my day gets officially started so I don’t have to worry about it later. Plus it feels good to be productive so early. Lately I’ve been using my apartment gym because it saves time and is convenient. (PS, how cool is my  mirror selfie?)

7:00 AM | Get Ready

I head back to my apartment to lay on the floor and look at my phone for 10 minutes shower and get ready for the day. Depending on whether or not it is hair-washing-day, which happens about every 3 days, I take between 20-45 minutes to get ready.

8:00 AM | Coffee Date


On this particular day (but this actually happens quite a bit!), Jake and I had a mini coffee date at a local coffee shop. (Kingdom Coffee, 10/10 would recommend.) We chatted while I sipped on an iced black coffee. (You caught me…this is totally an old picture with an iced chai and weekend outfit…but same coffee shop so it’s okay ;))

9:00 AM | Head to School

While I usually go to school a little earlier, I didn’t make it to school Monday until around 9. When I arrived I set up in the computer lab and started prepping session materials, writing SOAP notes, and researching therapy ideas. I worked on this until around 12:00.

12:00 PM | Lunch

I usually try to pack a lunch, and on Monday’s menu was taco salad. So I heated up my lunch and enjoyed it/shoveled it in my mouth before class started.

12:20 PM | Class

I only have one class on Mondays and Wednesdays, which is a research methods course. On this particular day, we listened to a few professors talk about their research interests/projects. We will be working with one of our professors on a research project, so they are “selling” their projects to us this week. Then we will rank our interests and get matched with a professor for a project.

1:45 PM | Work

I am a graduate assistant (aka GA) for my department, and I log a few office hours a week with one of my professors. Monday I helped him assess the functioning of some equipment, researched parts for the equipment, and went over some voice evaluation protocol issues with him. I work for about 2 1/2 hours on Mondays.

4:30 PM | Session Prep

image1 copy.jpg

You would think the 3 hours in the morning were enough to be fully prepared for my evening speech therapy session, but unfortunately this is not true! A lot goes into preparing for sessions, as I have to keep up with all of my clients’ paperwork, session planning, classwork, etc. So for the hour-and-a-half before my 6:00 session, I gather treatment materials (games, craft supplies, books, iPad, etc.), finalize tracking sheet, mentally prepare for an hour of keeping a kiddo engaged, etc.

5:30 PM | Meeting with Supervisor

I meet right before my session to go over last-minute ideas, goal progress, and anything else that my clinical supervisor needs me to know/wants me to do during my session.

6:00 PM | Speech Therapy Session

Pretty self explanatory, but I actually carry out my session for 50 minutes! I see this client on Mondays and Wednesdays. We work on certain speech sounds using a play-based approach. I love seeing my little one make progress!

7:00 PM | Documentation Writing Time

After I’ve cleaned up (my therapy room typically looks like a tornado just passed through), I head to the computer lab to analyze my data and write a SOAP note. (For you non-speeches, a SOAP is a progress note where I write about how my client performed, assess how they are doing, plan for the next session, etc.) I at least try to write most of my SOAP note the night of my session.

8:00 PM | Go Home

I pack up and head home after I can’t seem to think clearly anymore and am maxed out on productivity. This is usually around 8 on these days!

10:00 PM | Bed Time

After eating dinner and watching some trash tv (Bach 4 life), I get ready for bed by washing my face and brushing my teeth. Then, I crawl into bed, look at social media, and fall asleep in .2 seconds.


I hope you found it interesting to see what a typical weekday in my life consists of! I am a pretty busy gal. I am longing for a slower season of life, but trying to embrace the season I am in and trying to have grace with myself. I know I do NOT have the toughest life, the busiest schedule, or the hardest job. Perspective is very important.

#gradschoollife is tough, but so am I. (You’ll accept my cheesiness just this once because we’re friends, right?)

Have a great week! An even tired-er Caitlin will be back to share weekly faves tomorrow 😉

2017 REAL Caitlin



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