Crashed Site + Friday Favorites

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I’m home! My weekend got off to a rocky start this morning, as I somehow managed to completely DELETE my website. Yep, all my posts, the design, pictures, EVERYTHING gone. *Cue horror music* I was extremely panicked, and upon further investigation decided my only option was to rebuild it. Luckily thanks to one of my lovely subscribers (my mom) I was able to re-post most of posts (but lost all of the comments 🙁 sad side effect). Note to self: BACK UP SITE ASAP. I think everything is back in running order now… So onto our normal programming!

Friday Favorites

  • The 52 Lists Project: Jake got this for me for my birthday this year. I have been enjoying making the lists that are prompted by the book, and the once a week time frame works well for my busy schedule. I look forward to re-reading the lists at the end of the year! I might even share some of the lists.the 52 list project book cover (Photo from
  • My Fitbit Charge: I have a somewhat on/off relationship with my Fitbit (I’ll go weeks wearing it, it’ll die, and I’ll forget to wear it for a while). I have been enjoying it lately, though, and love using it as a watch, too!
  • Weddingbee boards: This is my current guilty pleasure. I love reading the boards that people post about various wedding planning topics. It’s also fun to look through pictures of peoples’ dresses and rings! Honestly even if I weren’t planning a wedding I think it’d be fun to look through.
  • The Returned tv show: This past week I watched season one of this show on Netflix and it was really good! I love a good mystery/horror/suspense show, and this fit the bill. Sadly, it was only 10 episodes long and I’m pretty sure got cancelled. (Ended on a total cliff hanger, too!) Still worth the watch, in my opinion. Check it out!80037657_w
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane movie: Jake and I saw this movie this week and we really enjoyed it. It kept us on our toes, and was one of my favorite genres! (Mystery/horror/suspense…see above haha.)

Let’s hope for no more blog problems! That was much too stressful for a Friday. I hope you have a great week, and don’t forget to subscribe via email (it’s in a tab on the right) if you want to receive notifications of my posts!




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