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Good morning! I’m excited to share a post with you today that is a new kind of post for me: a cookbook review!

But first, let’s catch up for a sec. Today is my very first day back to school for the semester! But since clinic won’t be in session this week, I should have a pretty short day today. Yay!

I spent yesterday visiting with some girlfriends, and we ended up doing a little closet purging. After swapping a few things amongst each other (don’t worry, I didn’t accept any items *cough – trying to be minimalist – cough*), we dropped our stuff off at Plato’s Closet (A resale store that sometimes gives you money for your unwanted things). A few hours later they called us and said our “buys” were done, so we went to pick up our things they didn’t accept and hopefully some cash! I was shocked and elated to get just over $30 for my old clothes I don’t wear anymore! I usually just dump everything at Goodwill, but in the future I will definitely stop by Plato’s Closet first! (And yes, I know $30 isn’t much, but still very exciting to me!)

Okay, now that you know this revelation of mine, we can get back to the post. Keep reading if you want to know my thoughts about the cookbook, Run Fast. Eat Slow.


Overall, I think this is a pretty great cookbook! If you are a long time reader of PG,  you know that I like my recipes simple but tasty. Too many crazy ingredients and steps=not a fan and so NOT going to actually be produced in my kitchen with my busy schedule. While there are some different ingredients than I usually buy, nothing is too weird, or it has substitutes listed.

This is a cookbook created by a runner, for runners. So these recipes would all be great for the active people in your lives, and even the not-so-active, because they are just plain tasty. But I really like to think I am providing Jake with something a little extra nourishing for him when I cook him a meal from this book.

Run Fast. Eat Slow. also includes descriptions of pantry staples, a sample meal plan, culinary tips, and recipe suggestions for various running-related ailments.

So far I have made 4 recipes from the book. I have made the Superhero Muffins, Crostini with Chèvre, Figs, and Thyme, Greek Bison Burgers, and Basic Balsamic Vinaigrette. All of these recipes were so so good!


Superhero Muffins:

These make the perfect quick breakfast or snack! They are really easy and yummy and even have sneaky veggies hidden in them. I like to add some mini chocolate chips to mine and keep them in the fridge so they stay fresh!

Crostini with Chèvre, Figs, and Thyme:

I made these for Jake and I on NYE and we really were fans! I used pears instead of figs (a swap they suggest) and it worked well. The sweet and salty combo is one of my faves so I was sold. These would be a great appetizer to bring to a party (totes looks fancy and like you put a lot of effort into it).

Greek Bison Burgers

YUM. That’s really all I think when I think about these burgers. I made them recently using ground beef and just yum. The feta cheese in them along with the garlic provide such a bold flavor. Jake was a really big fan, too. (If you can’t tell already, he’s kind of my food critic ;))

Basic Balsamic Vinaigrette

Okay, so I screwed this one up by thinking I could eyeball the oil and vinegar (NOPE) so my dressing was a bit strong (think: made my nose run), but I can tell the flavor was going to be really good! And it was so so simple with only 3 ingredients. I’m sure when I remake this it will be perfect.

Since this is a cookbook made specifically for runners/athletes, Jake received if for Christmas, and I’m so glad he did! You can buy the book here, if you are interested!

I hope you have a really great week! I’m ready for my new schedule to become routine and to get settled in to the hustle and bustle of school again.

2017 REAL Caitlin

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