Christmas Break To-Do List

christmas break to-do list

First of all, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I love the holiday season but am so excited for the new year!! (May or may not be so I can break into my new planner.)

But in all seriousness, I love making new years resolutions and having a fresh start. I know I’m not the only one! I’ve been working on my goals for 2017 as well as thinking about choosing a “word” for the year.

I mentioned a few posts back about sharing a list of things I want to work on over the break, and since the holidays are over and I have about 2 1/2 weeks left of break, now is the perfect time!


1 | Brainstorm and Pre-Write for PG

I want to create a repertoire of content for the blog so that I can produce rich and consistent posts during my super busy weeks. I will have to find a good balance of pre-writing and writing in the moment because I like my posts to feel authentic and to be about my life at that specific time. So at the very least, I would like to create a list of post ideas that I want to write in 2017.

2 | Test New Recipes

An abundance of free time=the perfect time to try out new recipes. I feel like I have been in a food rut and am excited to find new favorites! I’m going to focus on meals that are quick and healthy so I will actually have time for them once the semester starts. If you have any faves I’d love to have the recipe!

3 | Work on Netflix Shows

C’mon did you really think my list would be all perfect productiveness? Even though I’ve been home relaxing I haven’t been able to catch up on my shows. First on the list is The OA. I started it recently but am only on episode 2. I’m excited to keep watching it!

4 | Fill out my Planner

I plan to fill out my calendar with all that I know of for 2017 and decide on an organizational system for it. I also want to plan out some potential schedules. This is a smallish thing, but will help set me up for a productive year! (And sounds like fun, TBH.)

5 | Do Some Spring Cleaning

So I guess it isn’t exactly Spring cleaning, but I want to get rid of any junk I have laying around my apartment. I want to start the semester lighter with less stuff!


Are you looking forward to the new year? I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for me and for my little blog, Pretty Grazing. Plus, I’ll be a married lady next year! Say what?!

If you have any end-of-the-year tasks you like to get done, I’d love to know what they are! Let’s chat in the comments below.





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