Cheap Ikea Wedding Hacks


Hello! Happy hump day! This past weekend I went to Ikea and picked up some things for the wedding, and thought I would share them with you! You might be able to get some good ideas for how to use some non-wedding things for your wedding.


I picked up some of these to make some pretty personalized hangers for my bridesmaid’s dresses on the wedding day! I’ll make sure to write a post about how I personalize them when I get to that, so stay tuned.


This was an idea I found on Pinterest, but I am going to make this into a welcome sign! I’m planning on painting or staining the wood and then using a chalk marker to write/draw a message. I’ll keep you updated! (P.S. this is actually a nice size…I thought it would be smaller by the images online, but it will definitely be big enough)

champagne flutes

I was so excited to find these (on sale at Ikea in St. Louis for like $0.60 each!) to use for an upcoming wedding project. This one might be a surprise, so you will have to stop by later to find out what I do with these. 😉


I didn’t need these, but I think my sister might buy some for her upcoming wedding to use as a pretty backdrop behind her head table. They are actually pretty huge, come in a pack of 2, and would create the prettiest dreamy background.


Okay this one might seem lame, but for large dinner napkins, this seemed like a steal! Obviously these aren’t fancy cloth napkins, but these would be very useful for a dessert bar, or a more casual meal. Plus, you could totally personalize them with an embosser stamp of your monogram. I might just pick some up closer to our date.


I feel like this is one of the most well-known Ikea wedding hacks, but I had to mention it.  I bought a few to scatter around with our hashtag on it. (Like this example below…) frame hashtag



I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my wedding finds at Ikea. I’m excited to have more projects to work on! Make sure to pin and share the image below to easily come back to this post for reference!

wedding hacks ikea


Have a great rest-of-the-week!

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