Turkey Trot 5k Recap


I’m pretty sure I’m running on coffee this week, but the end is so near I can taste it. School has been overwhelming (to say the least) and every day seems to be a due date. I’m surviving, but I wouldn’t say I’m thriving. I desperately need Christmas break to rest my brain and not think about school for a few weeks. (and bake Christmas cookies, and watch Christmas movies, and stay in my PJs all day….)

Remember when I told you I signed up for a turkey trot 5k to run on Thanksgiving? I figured I would update you on how that went!

I signed up mostly just for some motivation and to add some fun to my running routine, and it did the job(s) really well! Sometimes a good group run is just the thing you need to mix up a rather solo running routine


I didn’t wear a watch so was pretty unaware of how far I had gone already and how far I had to go, and I think that sometimes that’s the best way to do it. It can be refreshing to run unattached to any kind of screen. (Obviously if you want to run a certain time you should probably wear a watch, but I just was jogging for fun.)

The weather turned out to be pretty nice and I was comfortable in a light pullover and crops. I love when I dress perfectly for the weather! That can sometimes be hard to judge.

Jake decided to run in it too, and won the whole race. He won a medal and a pumpkin pie! Isn’t that fun? (I did NOT win, in case you were wondering. 😉 )

Overall, it was a fun time, and I’m excited to run another 5k in December! I am signing up for a Jingle Bell Run, and fun festive outfits are involved. Stay tuned for pics of me dressed up while running! (I know you just can’t wait)

I hope you’re having a good week! Is the end of the semester killing you too, or is it just me?





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Friday Favorites #30


Can you believe I’ve been writing these posts for the past 30 weeks? Doesn’t that seem like a ton?! (Probably just seems like a lot to me, but it’s over half a year!)

Did you have a good week? I’m currently writing this at my parents’ house (with my wiener dog laying beside me) and am so glad to be home for the weekend. Such as sweet ending to a pretty good week!

Jake and I are taking engagement photos this weekend and I’m so excited! I hope they turn out well and I have a good hair day. (#firstworldproblem)

I’ll now share some things I loved this week. Keep reading if you’re interested!

Friday Favorites

1 | Waffle Street moviewaffle st.jpg

This movie was a random Netflix pick this week, and Jake and I ended up LOVING it. If you’re a OTH fan, Nathan (aka James Lafferty) plays the main character, who is a finance businessman who loses his job and ends up working at a diner. It’s just such a cute movie, you really should watch it!

2 | Springfield Nature Center


For as much as I love nature walks/hikes, I’m surprised that Jake and I don’t frequent the Springfield Nature Center. We went recently, and enjoyed the 2-mile loop so much! We also lucked out and saw 3 small deer walking around (and got super close to them!). If you’re in the area, check it out. Super pretty views + cool fall weather = perfection.

3 | MAC Plushglass in Ample Pink

ample pink.jpg

I have never been a huge lip-product girl, but I recently picked up this lipgloss and have been loving how it looks. It stays shiny for a long time, and is slightly plumping. It also has a nice natural pink color to it, but isn’t too crazy.

4 | Nine Months

We are officially (tomorrow) into the single digits in months till our wedding! I’m pretty excited about it!! I’m starting to (kind of) see the light at the end of the (long, sweet, exciting) engagement tunnel!


Have a great weekend! I’ll be sure to update you guys about how our engagement photos go! (And hopefully share a sneak peek when we get one!)


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My Return to Running + 4 Tips


You may not know this about me, but I ran cross country in high school. Back then, I would have considered myself a runner, and enjoyed it. Somewhere along the way, an injury happened and took some of the fun out of running.

I can confidently say now, though, that I am learning to enjoy running again. I know that finding joy in running can be tough, but I have some tips for you below that might be helpful. Keep reading to see my tips!

4 Tips to Find Joy in Running

1 | Sign up for fun race.

I am signing up for a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, and am so excited for it! Not only does it provide me with motivation, but it also gives me a fun group-running experience to look forward to! (This is especially true for solo-runners, like me!)

2 | Be content in your progress.

Some people might disagree with this, but I try not to place too much importance on the “stats” of my runs. I like to focus more on how I feel during my runs and compare that to how I felt in other runs. When I do want to think about stats, I focus more on distance than speed (to a degree). Challenge yourself to be okay with where you’re at right now.

3 | Find beautiful running spots.

Running in nature has been a saving grace for me and my running. It brings me such peace to look around at the beautiful leaves changing and breathe in the fresh autumn air. It’s also the perfect time and place to pray, meditate, or even just zone out and focus on the beauty around you. If you are stuck on a treadmill (dreading winter!!!), get outside and enjoy nature during your runs.

4 | Have grace with yourself.

This. This can be a tough one for some people, but I think it’s so much better for your mental health to have grace with yourself when you have to shorten a run, are having an off day, or just are feeling blah about running. Don’t get me wrong, it is super important to be consistent, but we all have rough runs. It’s okay to not be perfect.


If you get anything from my post, I hope that it’s to find joy in the sometimes stinky things in life. It’s SO important to focus on the positive things in life, and to be grateful for the lives we were given.

I hope you have a joyful night.


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Friday Favorites #23


Long time no talk! I hope you had a great week. It was a busy one for me, but now it’s Friday and I’m over the moon excited for the weekend!

I have quite a few things I’ve been loving this week that I can’t wait to share with you!

Friday Favorites

  • Pumpkin Spice Everything


I have been LOVING all the pumpkin flavored things this week. Some highlights include the pumpkin spice Larabar, pumpkin flavored coffee, Pumpkin & Spice Siggi’s yogurt (okay this isn’t the pumpkin spice flavor pictured, but Siggi’s in general is a favorite too!), etc. Do yourself a favor and jump on the fall flavored bandwagon because it’s fun (and tasty).

  • Running for Weight Loss App


I downloaded this app on a whim (Don’t you ever get into the app store-black-hole? Just me?), and have really enjoyed (?) it so far! It has a ton of good reviews so it’s not just me. Also, my phone being at 3% in that screenshot is SO me. My phone is always dead/dying.

  • Aldi Simply Nature Organic Shells & White Cheddar

Did you know that mac & cheese is my favorite food? Okay so this is kind of a weird one, but hear me out. My favorite boxed mac & cheese is the organic white shells kind from Trader Joe’s (so good). I’ve since been on a hunt for one that is similar at a different store. (We don’t have a TJ’s in Springfield, sadly.) I finally found one that is close! You should seriously try out the Aldi version. It won’t disappoint.

  • House Church

Jake and I tried out a house church this week (it’s like a bible study/small group kind of thing) and we really liked it! Everyone was really nice and we are excited to go back next week.

  • Jake’s Cross Country Meet


Last weekend when my sister was in town (yay!), one thing we did was attend Jake’s first meet of the season. It was fun! I love watching cross country races (much more fun than running in them) and Jake and I are both crossing our fingers that our future children choose to run cross country.

Have a great weekend!!!


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