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Hiiii! I have a fun (wordy) post today where I talk about one of my fave TV shows. So for today, let’s pretend to be BFFs and gossip about TV romance, deal? 😉

Are you guys watching Bachelor in Paradise? I’m 110% obsessed with the Bachelor franchise (gimme all the drama) and have been loving BIP so far. I thought it’d be fun to share some of my thoughts on the season so far! So, if you are behind, skip this post! I warned you!

* SPOILER ALERT* I’m currently watching as I type this part, and the Ashley I.-Jared-Caila saga is happening. First of all, I think Jared is so sweet. I’ve never had like obsessed-with-him feelings, but I’m really realizing this season how much I like him. Even though Ashley is pretty crazy, he’s still a good friend, understanding, and kind to her. Caila is also sweet, but kind of in the Disney princess way that is sort of weird. I do think her and Jared make a good couple, though, so I’m shipping them for now.


The “fantastic four” (Izzy+Vinny & Lace+Grant) are kind of boring me, but that’s probably because a) they aren’t the center of any drama right now and b) they aren’t characters I was ever invested in. I’m happy with them as couples, but I just can’t see them actually getting engaged at the end. Maybe just leaving in relationships.

Carly and Evan. Oh my, where do I start. I’m just not a fan of Evan. I’m totally socially awkward, so I don’t hate him for that, but I feel like he is kind of sneaky and desperate and pushy. (Not that other people on the show aren’t, but his annoying personality doesn’t help his case.) I love Carly’s commentary, and I feel bad for her right now. She had such a great-seeming guy last season who ended up breaking her heart unexpectedly, and I’m sure she’s disappointed to not have another Kirk this summer. Maybe her time is coming soon…carly

I feel pretty neutral about Josh and Amanda. I’m sure Josh is being portrayed weirder than he is in real life, but he still seems a bit aggressive. (So. Much. Kissing.)

I need to also make a special announcement that I’m strangely obsessed with both Nick and Daniel. I have no explanation for why, but I’m just putting it out there. I can’t be the only one? Oh, and I like Sarah and the twins, but don’t feel overly attached to them.


Okay I think I addressed everyone that’s currently on there! There are more people than I realized when I was writing that. Also, WHEN ARE MORE BOYS COMING?! It’s been girl after girl after girl.

I’m excited to keep watching this season to see what happens.

Are you a sucker for reality TV? I SO am, and I’m not ashamed!

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