Adventures in Hand Lettering

hand lettering

I think by now we can all agree on at least one thing: I’m a little crazy. The latest of my weird obsessions is, you guessed it, hand lettering. I actually bought a fancy brush pen a while back to attempt real-deal hand lettering/calligraphy, but for now I am working on mastering the simpler “fake” hand lettering (where you make the down-strokes thicker than the rest of the letter). You can learn how do do it/see a visual here via One Artsy Mama.

I’ve always liked fun fonts and handwriting, so it wasn’t a stretch to take on learning this skill (art?) that seems to be so trendy right now. (And yes, I’m totally extra-practicing for use in the wedding. And YES, just about everything in my life right now can be tied back to the wedding. I never said I wasn’t crazy!)

I’ll include some examples (of some super cute wedding signs I found on Pinterest) down below in case you don’t know what I’m talking about. But c’mon, you totally do, right?

sign 1 sign 2 sign 4

Aren’t they so pretty?? Being me, I figured why not learn how to fancy-write myself instead of paying people a-whole-lot-of-money to do it for me.

And it’s actually going well so far! I am working right now on getting the basic alphabet (upper and lower case) to be like second-nature for me. The smoother you write, the nicer it looks. So far, the uppercase letters “J”, “H”, and “D” are proving to be the trickiest for me. I’m sure with good practice I’ll pick up this art in no time! I have found the blog One Artsy Mama to be helpful, especially this post. She provides the whole alphabet and it’s easy to practice by looking at her example.

Some tasks I hope to complete for our wedding is to hand-letter all of the envelopes for our invites and the place cards. I think that with some more practice (okay a lot more practice) and some time and patience, I will be able to do it!

Do you dapple in hand-lettering? Maybe when I have had a little more practice I’ll post some of my “work”. (Maybe.) It’s actually pretty relaxing/fun, so I’d totally recommend giving it a try! Let me know if you do, and we can share tips and ideas!
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