Adulting Struggles

Hello! It’s Wednesday and I just wanted to talk about adulting. In the wise words of my beloved Kimmy Schmidt:


Today I (semi) led my first speech therapy session, and it was terrifying. At my school, we have an “associate clinician” experience where we are paired with a graduate student in the SLP program to observe their sessions, assist, and eventually plan and lead a whole session for their client. I love that my school (MSU-Go Bears!) provides us undergrads with this opportunity, a dipping-our-toes-in-the-water kind of thing. That does NOT mean I wasn’t nervous hand sweating…a lot of the session. So… did I survive??? Yes! Did I think it was perfectly smooth and easy and perfect? NO! (I actually told my graduate clinician that I thought I did bad…confidence is not always my strong suit) Did it make me excited to practice a million more times and learn how to help people communicate better? YES!

I think a big part of adulting is doing hard things. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Making huge, life-altering decisions (like picking a major and sticking with it!)
  • Learning to live totes independently (still working on this one…)
  • Saving for your future when you really want to buy all the things

That was starting to feel a little like an infomercial so I’ll leave it at that. To avoid being too melodramatic, being an adult has some definite perks as well. Making those huge decisions is empowering! I am so lucky to be able to pick what I do with my life and who I spend it with. Living independently means skipping laundry for a few too many days and going a whole week without making my bed. And saving for the future makes me feel proud of myself.

So, the next time you feel overwhelmed with the immense task of adulting, remember how rewarding it can be! Or, ignore everything on your to-do list and look up Kimmy Schmidt memes. I promise I won’t judge you.



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