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Good evening! I almost forgot to blog today, but remembered and decided better late than never, right? This past week was a blur, as the semester is wrapping up and due dates are quickly approaching. Graduation is coming up very quickly, along with some much needed school-less weeks. Without further ado, some things I’ve been loving are…

  1. Healthy Cookie Dough Bites: I am in a whole grains cooking class (yay fun electives!) and the recipe my group prepared last week were these bites. They were so simple and so good! I’m a sucker for a healthy sweet snack. I plan to make more this weekend to snack on throughout the week. I’ll include the recipe below:
    ½ cup Natural Peanut Butter

    ¼ cup Honey

    3 cups Oat Flour (3 cups whole oats pulverized in a food processor or blender)

    1/3 cup Water

    ¼ cup Dark Chocolate Chips

    Option: 2-3 scoops of Vanilla Whey Protein

    1. Mix all ingredients into a bowl.

    2. Roll dough into 1-inch balls.

    3. Serve immediately or freeze for later!

  2. New hair: Today I got my hair colored and cut, and am loving it! I might get it done again in a couple months to go lighter, but I’m digging it for now. The hairstylist wanted to save the integrity (health) of my hair so he didn’t do anything too crazy. Below is a goofy picture with Cierra but it’s best one I have of it so far! (I got it done by Jared at Honey+Hive Salon in Springfield, MO in case you are wondering. He was great!)               IMG_7832
  3. Cute Graduation Caps: I have been searching for a cute way to decorate my graduation cap and have cameacross some really awesome ones! I’ll have a hard time committing to one phrase/design I’m sure. There are just a lot of good ones to choose from!


Questions of the Day:

Do you like changing up your hair? Have you ever decorated a graduation cap? If so, any tips? Scroll down and comment down below!


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