A Belated Friday Favorites #41

2017 Friday Favorites

For some reason (maybe I was just having too much fun) I forgot to post my weekly favorites yesterday! But never fear, a belated “Friday Favorites” post is here! (Couldn’t not use that, sorry.)

I had a crazy busy week. Having 5 therapy sessions a week now seems like SO MUCH MORE than the 2 I used to have. I felt like I was running around with a zillion things running through my mind all week, and I really hope I am able to organize my life a little better this next week.

We all have those days though, right? (This is the part where you reassure me aggressively because we’re all friends here.) Okay now onto the favorites!


1 | Kingdom Coffee Oatmeal

If you like oatmeal, and you live in Springfield, MO, you need to try this like yesterday. It’s so yummy and you also get to feel cool eating it in a cool coffee shop out of a baby mason jar. So it’s a major win-win.



2 | 100-something Days Until the Wedding!

We FINALLY passed the 200 mark and have 196 days until our wedding. We are nearing the 6 month mark and it feels so good. Long engagements are tough, guys. But it will all be worth it when I become a Burch in August! (Also, I need to start cracking down on my wedding to-do list. I finally asked all my bridesmaids, and have our save-the-dates that need to be sent out. Oh, and the most exciting thing – our honeymoon is BOOKED! Progress not perfection, right?)

3 | Baby Larabar

I recently tweeted about my amazement regarding Target samples (pssst go follow me @CaitlinWhitener if you want to keep up with me!), and this was one of those! I feel like I’m constantly loving food and then forgetting that they exist months later. I know my memory is terrible, but I don’t think I’m the only one that does this! Well, Larabars are one of those for me. I love the simple ingredient list and the flavors. PB Cookie is one of my faves. IMG_9288.JPG

4 | My Word of the Year

I recently blogged about my word of the year, truth, and this week I found myself thinking about it a lot. In case you missed my original post, you can read it here! Reminding myself of some truths is so beneficial to my mental well-being during the hectic week. In case I’m being too vague, some truths I’m talking about include: I am loved. I have amazing friends and family. I am smart and capable. I can have grace with myself. Etc.!


Did you have a crazy week? I can’t believe we are almost to February. 2017, you are flying by already.

I think tomorrow I will take a look at my January goals and see how I did. I want to be accountable with myself, even when it can be painful.

Have a wonderful, restful Sunday, friends!

2017 REAL Caitlin



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