5 Ways to Find Joy in a Busy Season

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I felt compelled to share with you some ways I have been staying (mostly) joyful in a super busy season of life. In case you’re new here/don’t know me, I’m a full-time speech-language pathology graduate student, graduate assistant, planning my wedding, and also author this blog! I am the busiest I’ve ever been, but am seeking joy as much as I can.

First off, I think the time of day I’m posting this is pretty perfect. Right?

Second, you should know something about me. I LOVE slow, relaxed, plan-free days.  You know those people who seemingly do-it-all and look perfect doing it? Yea, that’s not me. Instead, I’m that girl who has a disorganized mess of a school-bag by Tuesday and scraggly hair who most certainly does not do-it-all, all-the-time. Are you also that girl? Let’s be friends. 😉

With the (extremely) busy season of life that I’m in right now, I have learned a few things about myself. I need alone time. Not much, but I thrive (survive?) best when I have a little bit of time to recharge and think. Thinking negatively impacts my mood in a BIG way. When I start being a Negative-Nancy, I can get seriously anxious and sad. I tend to be impatient. I find myself living too much in the future and not enough in the here-and-now. I’m learning to be content in the season of life that I am currently in, while allowing myself to dream about the future and babies and houses and jobs.

In all that I’ve learned about myself, I’ve decided that one thing I can do that impacts all those things is to seek joy always.

So tonight I am sharing 5 ways to find joy in a busy season of life. Keep reading to learn some of the ways I focus on my happiness as a busy college student!

1 | Make time to think about things other than school/work/big-kid stuff.

A lot of times for me this happens during my car ride to school in the morning. I like to turn on some tunes and think about fun things that have nothing to do with the busyness of my life. And sometimes I space out and think about literally nothing, which is totally necessary sometimes, too!

2 | Think happy thoughts.

Our thoughts have such a huge impact on our lives. When I make the effort to practice gratitude, I feel so much more at ease. At the very least, fake it till you make it. Even when I’m tired and can’t imagine being at school for 6 more hours, I try my best to slap on a happy face and be positive!

3 | Know that you can’t do everything & nobody expects you to.

Be it your boss, professor, spouse, etc., they’re all human and realize that you cannot physically do everything. And take relief in that fact! Cut yourself some slack, and laugh at yourself every once in a while! (For example, tearing up at the fact that your weekend is over is funny in retrospect. Yes, that’s an actual true story about yours truly.)

4 | Pray/journal/vent about your to-do list, worries & stressors.

Let it all out and let it go. Busyness is inevitable sometimes, but we’re in control of how we let it affect us. When you stop worrying about everything you have to get done, it magically starts to actually get done. (Amazing, right?)

5 | Don’t pass up too much fun to get work done.

Yes, I pretty much always have something I could/should be working on. But does that mean I’m skipping out on all social activities/Netflix? Definitely not! (Also, can we just appreciate the fact that that rhymes?!)

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I hope that at least one person found this helpful! I am in NO way perfect at seeking joy in all times and situations, but I am trying my best. Having a positive, joy-seeking mindset can be so life-changing (okay, maybe a bit dramatic, but true) and is something everyone can do!

How do you seek joy during a busy season? I would love to know in the comments below. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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