5 Ways to Be (Kind Of) Minimalist

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Sometimes I feel weighed down by stuff. I constantly feel like I’m just picking up and re-positioning my junk, and it can be so irritating to me. The ultimate goal is┬áto only own stuff I use frequently. How awesome would that be?

I recently went through my closet and cleaned out 2 whole trash bags full of clothes I don’t wear like, ever. I want to purge again near the end of summer to have even less.

In a world where more is more is, it’s such a great feeling to have less stuff! While I’m a total newb, I’d love to share a few simple tips I try to use/keep in mind to try to minimize my belongings.

  1. Don’t buy duplicates.

    This might seem obvious to some of you, but this is definitely something I have to deliberately think about when shopping. It’s so easy to want to buy all the cute things, but if you already have something that works and that you like, try to skip that purchase.

  2. Keep money in mind.

    As a young adult, I try to save as much as I can for the future. Buying and having fewer things saves a lot of money. Now if I can only apply that to my almost-daily iced tea habit…

  3. Use the 6-month rule.

    If you haven’t touched/seen/used something in 6 months, and it doesn’t have a planned purpose, let it go. You most likely won’t miss it if you haven’t used it in half a year.

  4. Buy needs and special wants.

    Lately I’ve been working on really thinking about items before I purchase them. It can be easy to make quick purchases, but it’s actually more enjoyable to only buy things that are your favorite things. That way you really appreciate and use the items you own.

  5. When in doubt, throw it out.

    I used to always keep stuff that was in the “maybe” category while cleaning, but I’ve really tried to toss that pile instead. If it’s not a definite “yes!”, it’s probably not that useful or bringing you much joy.

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Do you want to live more simply with less stuff? I admittedly have always been more of a “junky” person, always keeping little things around that I don’t actually use. One thing that can really make you realize how much stuff you have is moving. I’m moving again at the end of summer, and hopefully it will be a little easier than it typically is.

If you have any tips for having less, I’d love to hear them! And wish me luck as I continue my journey to become a (kind of) minimalist.

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