5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood

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Oh my goodness! Happy MARCH! It is officially my birthday month almost spring, which makes me so so excited. As each season passes I feel like I’m actually getting closer to being married. And I just love summer and sunshine and am more than ready for that.

I hope you’re having a good week. I don’t have any exams this week, and clinic is going pretty well, so I’m just floating along for now. I should begin studying for the 2 exams I have next week, but first I want to share 5 ways to boost your mood when I start feeling like a debby downer. (Nice transition, right?)

One of the areas of my life I’ve been working on and reflecting on is my “light.” Before you think I’ve lost my mind, let me explain. Lately I’ve felt like I can make an impact on other people in a positive way by being a more positive, “light” person. Would it not be so cool if Jesus’ light and love could shine through me?

So in an attempt to do this, I’ve been sharing more smiles and making more positive comments. I think another cool way to spread some joy is to share some really easy ways to boost your mood, so that’s what you can find below. Enjoy!

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood

1 | Hand-write a Positive Quote or Verse


I think there is something powerful about using pen and paper and physically writing something positive. *She says as she types this post…*

Action Plan: Search Pinterest, find a quote you like, hand-letter in your prettiest font, smile.

2 | Go for a Walk

Sometimes all you need to be a little happier is some fresh air and movement. I love going on walks and thinking when I’m alone, or chatting when with friends. I find it so hard to be in a bad mood when I am on a walk, especially in pleasant weather.

Action Plan: Stop what you’re doing, grab a friend (or go solo), and head outdoors. Then, smile. 😉

3 | Send a Nice Text

The funny thing about building other people up is that it always has a reciprocal effect. Do this in person, too! This is something I could do more.

Action Plan: Pick a friend (or 5), type a nice message, hit send!

4 | Listen to a Favorite Song

Okay, I had my issues with La La Land, but the soundtrack is so fun. It’s upbeat, catchy, and you just can’t not smile when you hear it. If you haven’t seen the movie, you can still def enjoy the music. (It’s on Spotify for anyone wondering!)


Action Plan: Grab some earbuds, pick a song, and jam. (Or sit silently in public while doing work and jam inside your head…both good options.)

5 | Have a Coffee Date

Something about taking a break + caffeine makes for a perfect mood-booster. Plus, conversation always flows over a cup of joe. (LOL proud of myself for that rhyme)

Action Plan: Pick a coffee shop, pick a friend, grab a coffee, and chat about life.

Please feel free to share/pin the image below to spread the love!

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I hope March is your best month yet! Have a wonderful day.

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